What is the Lake of Fire? You might be surprised...

the beauty of divine justice is that it

is always balanced with divine mercy

scripture presents these two aspects of

the multi-faceted divine nature love

beloved let us love one another for love

is of yahuwah he that loveth not knoweth

not yahuwah for yahuwah is love justice

but let him that Laureus glory in this

that he understandeth and knoweth me

that I am yahuwah which exercised

loving-kindness judgment and

righteousness in the earth for in these

things i delight saith yahuwah cold

justice on mingled with mercy is not

truly just likewise a weak mercy without

justice to give it strength is not truly

merciful it is in blending the two

together that perfect justice is

achieved the perfect blending of divine

love and justice is demonstrated even in

the punishment of the wicked

yahuwah is a lover of freedom he

guarantees freedom of choice to all his

created beings those who continue to

side with the great rebel satan will not

be forcibly taken to heaven against

their will

instead they will receive their reward

with satan in the lake of fire

there is much misunderstanding about the

punishment of the wicked in the lake of

fire most people assume that the lake of

fire spoken of in Scripture is a symbol

for an eternally burning hell this

belief is largely based on two verses in

the New Testament

the same shall drink of the wine of the

wrath of yahuwah which is poured out

without mixture into the cup of his

indignation and he shall be tormented

with fire and brimstone in the presence

of the Holy Angels and in the presence

of the Lamb and the smoke of their

torment ascendeth up for ever and ever

and they have no rest day nor night

the reference to the smoke of their

torment ascendeth up forever and ever

has led many to believe that the divine

punishment for sin is to consign the

soul to burn in hell for ever and ever

however this interpretation of the text

is not consistent with the rest of the

Bible scripture must always be its own

interpreter only then can a true and

consistent understanding of Hell be

found few lies of Satan have done more

damage or led to the loss of more Souls

than the lie that yahuwah punishes

sinners in an eternally burning hell it

is not just that the sins committed in a

single lifetime should be punished with

eternal and unending torment even human

justice is appalled that such injustice

this doctrine is a reflection of Satan's

character not you who was multitudes

have been led to reject the loving

merciful creator when taught that divine

justice makes such a demand scripture

teaches that the reward of sin is death

not eternal life in torment for the

wages of sin is death but the gift of

Elohim is eternal life through yahushua

the anointed one our master eternal life

is a gift given only to the redeemed

those who through repentance and

forgiveness have brought their lives

into conformity to the divine law all

who persist in rebelling against the

divine government receive the sentence

of eternal death

the ultimate punishment is death from

which there is no resurrection even in

human courts death is viewed as the

worst form of punishment fitting only

the greatest crimes the smoke of their

torment ascendeth up forever and ever is

a reference to the fact that the lost

are dead not burning a very hotly

burning fire does not smoke only a fire

that is about to go out or that has

already gone out produces smoke when the

millennium in heaven is over

yahuwah will move the new jerusalem the

seat of the divine government down to


and I John saw the holy city New

Jerusalem coming down from Elohim out of

heaven prepared as a bride adorned for

her husband and I heard a great voice

out of heaven saying behold the

tabernacle of yahuwah is with men and he

will dwell with them and they shall be

his people and yahuwah himself shall be

with them and be their Elohim the New

Jerusalem is to be the eternal home of

the redeemed at that time after the holy

city has been brought to Earth the

wicked Dead will be raised back to life

to receive their punishment on the earth

during the Millennium in heaven Satan

and his evil angels have been bound to

this earth after the power of yahuwah

raises the wicked satan goes forth to a

game tempt and deceive those who have

rejected salvation

but the rest of the Dead lived not again

until the thousand years were finished

and when the thousand years are expired

Satan shall be loosed out of his prison

and shall go out to deceive the nations

which are in the four quarters of the

earth Gog and Magog to gather them

together to battle the number of whom is

as the sand of the sea during the


all Satan has been able to do is to look

with fear and foreboding to his ultimate

destruction in the lake of fire

once the wicked have been raised back to

life however his hopes revived he again

deceives the nations of the earth

repeating to them his age-old lives

Satan presents himself to them as the

rightful owner of the earth and the

beautiful city glistening in all its

splendor before their very eyes

the vast unnumbered multitude of the

wicked believe his lies and unite with

him in one great final battle

according to Scripture the wicked led on

by Satan and his hosts of evil angels

surround the holy city and prepare to

battle against it and they went up on

the breadth of the earth and compassed

the camp of the saints about and the

beloved city and fire came down from

yahuwah out of heaven

and he fouled there and the devil that

deceived them was cast into the lake of

fire and brimstone

this last act of rebellion is cut short

when you who ascends fire down from

heaven it does not spring up from hell

as many imagine rather like the fire and

brimstone that rained down on Sodom and

Gomorrah of old fire rains down out of

heaven upon Satan and his followers and

they are consumed for yahuwah shall rise

up as in mount harrison he shall be

brought as in the valley of Gibeon that

he may do his work his strange work and

bring to pass his act his strange act to

our merciful and loving creator

punishment is a strange work it is

contrary to his very character however

he will not force anyone to be saved

against his will all who persist in

aligning themselves with the great rebel

Satan will meet their destruction in the

lake of fire with the leader they have

chosen for behold the day cometh that

shall burn as an oven and all the proud


all that do wickedly shall be stubble

and the day that cometh shall be

úp said yahoo of hosts that it shall

leave them neither root nor branch but

unto you that fear my name shall the Sun

of righteousness arise with healing in

his wings and ye shall tread down the

wicked for they shall be ashes under the

soles of your feet in the day that I

shall do this saith yahuwah of hosts

ashes are what are left after a fire has

gone out Satan his evil angels and all

who have chosen to follow his leadership

will be at last consumed in the lake of


no eternally burning hell will keep

before the righteous the fearful

consequences of sin

and yahuwah shall wipe away all tears

from their eyes and there shall be no

more death neither sorrow nor crying

neither shall there be any more pain for

the former things are passed away and he

that sat upon the throne said behold I

make all things new after sin and

sinners are destroyed the long-held

dream of the father and the son is

realized with the recreation of the

earth for behold I create new heavens

and a new earth and the former shall not

be remembered nor come into mind but be

glad and rejoice forever in that which I

create for behold I create Jerusalem and


and her people are joy and I will

rejoice in Jerusalem and joy in my

people and the voice of weeping shall no

more be heard in her nor the voice of

crying the wolf and the lamb shall feed

together they shall not hurt nor destroy

in all my holy mountain saith yahuwah

the earth plans by the lake of fire we

created by the selfless hand of infinite

love will be the eternal home of the

save and the seat of government in the

kingdom of selfless love and the years

of eternity as they roll will bring

richer and still more glorious

revelations of yahuwah and of yahushua

as knowledge is progressive so will love

reverence and Happiness increase the

more men learn of yahuwah the greater

will be their admiration of his

character as yahushua opens before them

the riches of redemption and the amazing

achievements in the great controversy

with satan the hearts of the ransomed

for ill with more fervent devotion and

with more rapturous joy they sweep the

harps of gold and ten thousand times ten

thousand and thousands of thousands of

voices unite to swell the mighty chorus

of praise the great controversy is ended

sin and sinners are no more the entire

universe is clean one pulse of harmony

and gladness beats through the vast


from him who created all flow life and

light and gladness throughout the realms

of illimitable space from the my Mutis

atom to the greatest world all veins

animate and inanimate in their

unshadowed beauty and perfect joy

declare that yahuwah is love