What it’s Like to Get a Kidney Stone Ultrasound

"The kidneys filter, actually, your whole body.

Take all of the blood from your body all the time and are constantly cleaning it and extracting

waste products, which they excrete as urine and then giving back the blood to go back

to the heart."

"Most patients who have kidney stones, have a few different types of symptoms.

Most commonly would be what we call, flank pain, which is pain kind of deep in your back,

that’s where your kidneys live, on either side.

And they would often have a pain, maybe a sharp pain or it could be a deep dull ache.

Also, commonly patients will have blood in their urine if they have kidney stones."

"The exam is very easy, there is no preparation at all.

The patient lies on a table, either on their back or on their belly or on their side.

And the technologist takes a machine with a little bit of gel on for lubrication and

scans over the patient’s side or back to look at the kidneys."

"That allows us to see inside their body in real time, if they have these growths, these

stones, within the kidneys."

"At some time if they become symptomatic, they may need to be on a certain diet to help them

pass, all the way up to, depending if they are big or block up the kidney, even to have

them surgically removed.

So these are extremely simple tests.

They don’t have any needles, they just sit on a table and someone kind of pseudo massages

them almost and that’s it.

That’s really it.

They’re really, worldwide the most common exams, anywhere."