Basketball Basics | About The Key In Basketball

here are the basics of basketball we're

gonna talk about what's inside out to

the key today so at first we have the

actual key itself the key itself you're

only allowed on offensively to be in

there for three seconds that's it if you

are in there for longer than three

seconds it is too long and you are gonna

get called for three seconds on the key

and that's not good that is a turnover

next is the elbow the elbow on the key

is the corners where the free throw line

is basically for that it's a designation

on the court for an offense to play

through next is the block same ideas the

elbow however the block usually there's

an actual block it's usually white or

yellow and as a designation on the court

which makes it just similar to the elbow

but it's just lower the low block is

usually known for centers and big men

like Shaquille O'Neal

next is the hash lines the hash lines

are basically there to make it so

players know where to stand when there's

a free throw

which leads on to the next scene the

first thing every single player should

learn from their basketball coach is to

where to stand when there's a free throw

being taken the player on offense

obviously is the one taking the free

throw and on the first block what's

closest to the net is going to be the

defensive team and then it's gonna go

next lineup is gonna be the offensive

team and then the third line is gonna be

one player from the defense some leagues

allow you to have two players at the

third line however most it's only one

player allowed the rest are being behind

the three-point line and which is not

part of the key I hope you enjoyed the

information about the key in basketball

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basketball in general and more plays

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