Kern River Canyon exploration - What's it look like from the top?

welcome to our betta flights exploration

we are going to embark on a journey that

will show us a marvel of the world one

of the wonders of the world located

right on the outskirts of Bakersfield

that is the Kern River Canyon but we're

not just gonna look at the bottom we see

that a lot right we are gonna go to the

top of the canyon and see what it would

look like looking down we're also gonna

look at some amazing rock structures

that have probably never been seen by

human eyes that might not be true but it

is cool and I don't think most people

have seen it so we're gonna take a look

at it so here we go starting off our

journey to the top amazing rock

structures like that and that cool I

don't know what kind of forces it takes

in the earth to make this but it's a lot

of choices I don't believe these

mountains are high Keable I could be


I don't believe they are these are

enormous and these pictures probably

don't do it justice

but they are huge you know using this

drone later they have had an

appreciation for our exploration because

you know it's kind of like it it reminds

me of like the Mars like when the other

mark you know pictures or whatever there

where they have someone getting these

images back well you know we're able to

get these images now because of this

drone technology that really wasn't


you know like 15 years ago but now it is

so we're seeing these images of things

that we never would have seen before you

know that most people wouldn't be able

to see and now we can do it we can see a

high resolution you know really cool so

we've reached the top here and this is

actually max altitude on the drones high

it's going to let me go and I believe it

was 500 meters

really amazing look at the canyon that

was it was tempted to see now if you

were scared of heights you would not

want to be standing right here

i fast-forwarded the film to yeah birds

he the bird down there kind of see can

you see that shadow well it's a shot or

if that's actually a bird but it's down

there but I have the footage moving at

two times the speed gonna pan up here

and look at this

structure clear this thing is that huge

or what it's interesting - you can see

that little that drink those little

drain like lines for the water streams

down they're carved slices into the

mountain over the years

and make our descent here now I don't

know if you can see it but there are

power lines can you edit you can faintly

see them right below right now and those

you know putting those up was an amazing

feat because they are way up there and

it's a huge line that goes from one

tower to the next

I mean it's enormous I mean they're not

very close at all they're you know so

man I would have liked to seen how they

put those up because that was probably

amazing and I'm not sure if that feeds

power like to Lake Isabella or from Lake

Isabella I know there's a there's a

power plant halfway up the river you've

probably seen it when you drive by it

but I don't know if that has anything to

do with these lines maybe it does maybe

it doesn't but faintly see them right

there do not want to hit those things to

be careful here too because you have

those lines right there and then

directly below there's another line that

runs parallel or runs along the river so

we had to make sure we didn't

so this is the opposite this is the

Southside and these rock structures are

amazing and they probably they're

halfway up the hill and probably maybe

three-quarters up and these structures

probably have never been looked upon by

human eyes that could be wrong on that

but we've definitely never been able to

see the detail of it like we're looking

at right now it's basically untouched

and once again I don't think this is

high Keable and if it is high Keable

it's not by the average hiker it is wild

all these millions of rocks just stuck

on there with gravity barely hanging on

this structure right here is amazing it

looks like California Adventure it is a

huge structure I mean look at that thing

people pay a lot of money to go in to go

see California Adventure and here it is

right here right on the outskirts of

Bakersfield and those things look at

those rocks man they're like wedged in

there I mean there's barely anything

holding those things in there look at

that I mean those things are all man I

mean you probably picked up your hand in

that thing go down to the river I mean

down to the bottom base amazing it's

pretty boys see all the plants see those

yellow plants in bloom right now now

here's one thing I did notice to see it

there this might be people some people

might have hike this trail but you see

that zigzag formation and maybe someone

that's in the hiking can tell me that

maybe someone did you know hike on this


this is just the face of the canyon I

mean I could spend I mean countless

hours driving around looking at amazing

things you know on this road I mean this

is just the opening this is like when

you first pull in this is where we go

but it goes on forever you know really

cool I want to show you one more thing

before we wrap this up so of course

beautiful right River it's very strong

you don't want to go in there a lot of

people come here from all over the world

only to die in there unfortunately but

it is springtime and it is beautiful you

see here my plants are in bloom it's

really nice but there is one thing that

was really a bummer to see and that is

people that have decided to graffiti the

river for reasons that cannot imagine

why you would bring a spray can see the

river that most people don't want to see

this you know for some reason people

think can you believe that marking


my bugling in the end on top of that you

know people just dump their trash out


good cares right take care

just throw the trash right out

and then of course everything from

underwear to whatever or just throw

right out anyway I hope you enjoyed this

and thanks for watching

this is Billy at you did