What is the meaning of the Kentucky Derby? | NBC Sports

a curious person might ask in these

uncertain times what is the meaning of

the Kentucky Derby and the answer comes

back in racing the Derby is everything

it is as big as Churchill Downs and the

small is the tear that rolls down a

winner's cheat it is as broad as a

bluegrass paddock as close in chaotic as

twenty-third breads barreling into the

first term it is a party

with mint juleps punch beds and hats

and it's when a sport takes stock of

itself as racing did a year ago after

dozens of horses had fallen the Derby is

but a single day but the Derby is also

every day the Derby is white dreamers

spend millions on yearlings leaning into

the longest shot in sports the Derby is

why trainers rise every day in darkness

to work a two-year-old who might just be

special the Derby is why a barn becomes

a dream team all supporting the big

horse Derby Day is when racing awakens

as one like a child at Christmas it is

the day when kings and commoners share a

passion from the red carpet to the

clubhouse to the infield late in the

afternoon they walk together from the

barns to the paddock grooms on the shank

Millionaire owners by their side the air

crackles with anticipation as horses are

saddled Kentuckians weep for their song

fans everywhere hold their breath as the

starting gate is loaded

just more than two minutes later

champion where's roses sometimes that

champion is the greatest of all time

history is made


sometimes he is a hopeless longshot who

writes a fairy tale

and sometimes the outcome takes not two

minutes but 22 and here the question is

answered two minutes a day a year a

lifetime forever and this year September

5th in Louisville

that is the meaning of the Kentucky