Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in historic controversial finish | NBC Sports

the horses load all the work all the

talk all the handicapping is done it's

time for history with the call of the

2019 Kentucky Derby here's Larry combs

thank you Mike spin off has moved into

the starting gate there's just two left

a loaded country house is coming up to 9

now under Flavian Pratt and the last one

to load will be the horse that's never

won a race Bodie Express and he will

come up to last spotted live they're all

in line we're ready for the start


they're off in the Kentucky Derby

maximum security in bukhoma had good

beginnings and they go out to the early

lead in La Grange toddies close to and

there goes Bodie expressed on the

outside into the early mix so they will

lead the way early on that it's warm

we'll run it and fent on the inside spin

off is six improbable is separate

position in between horses

my country house the code of honor

detects and

by standards is alongside about 10 links

awfully great magician rides the rail

into that turn then comes monster

alongside of the great Exodus break

another two legs more back to

win-win-win paint winners in behind him

he's second last leading Japan's master

fencer to the back stretch so on to the

back stretch they go into this first

quarter mile in a sensible forty six

point six two seconds maximum security

leads the way by 3/4 of a length long

reach 20 pressing the pace under John

port on the outside second more will has

dumped or the inside that are a stop

holding third that is Pony Express

fourth improbable behind horses invent

book comas six nothing outside then it's

a code of honor who rides the rail into

the far turn country houses alongside

and then spin off plus cuff parfait is

next and on the inside comes tax game

winner is wide on the turn beginning to

pick up his stride near the back of the

pack but maximum security continues to

lead the way Midway on the fire journeys

a length and a half in front roar of

will is second long-range honey third

and four wide and moving up his country

houses booty Express plummets through

the field and here comes code of honor

and he first know it open it on the

outside of maximum security and they're

into the stretch country outs on the


master fencer who is closing in side of

tetanus its maximum security he's never

lost a race and he wins it under Louis

science there is an objection that has

been posted on the board so it is

unofficial for the moment there you see

the unofficial order of finish he did

come out at the top of the stretch

nearing the top of the stretch he

impeded the one horse war of will

maximum security moved out a lane before

he was clear forcing the rider of number

one war of will to check up a little bit

now at that point the 20 the runner-up

country house who's claimed foul was on

the outside yellow cap it actually

happened before that it did not affect

number 20 he didn't he didn't have to

study because of this but the one horse

did have to study was will coming to the

top of the stretch maybe about a

sixteenth of a mile before the quarter

pole is where maximum security ducked

out he did bother war of will definitely

but it's hard to see that he did

anything to country house so here we see

him as we're going into the far turn

this is the three furlong poll the green

and white poll there's their passing

right now war of will the horse with a

white stripe on his face directly in

behind the horse with the pink silks

Maxim secured now he hasn't Lane to run

so his jockey is taking him outside of

Luis Saez

and maximum security right there is

where number seven maximum security came

out of laner Joe forcing war of will to



it's on a spot of the racetrack where

it's very hard to determine exactly how

much he impeded him but you could tell

by the reaction of Tyler Gaffney own on

war of will that there was definitely

some contact they disqualified me dad

so for the first time in the history the

Kentucky Derby the horse that crossed

the line first has been disqualified

after the objection on tree house wins

the Kentucky Derby with Flavian Pratt at

65 to 1

typically should have stayed over I

don't know one of the longest shots in

history to win the Derby after one of

the longest waits ever after the Derby