Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Overview

the greatest space adventure on earth is

about to begin for your family and it

starts on Florida's Space Coast at

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

liftoff for more than two decades space

shuttle Atlantis was one of the

workhorses of NASA's shuttle fleet it

orbited the earth over 4,000 times

traveled a distance more than 500 times

the distance from the earth to the moon

and was the last space shuttle to put

Americans in orbit

now you can go nose-to-nose with space

shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center

Visitor Complex space shuttle atlantis

is the only shuttle on display in the

world with its payload doors open just

like on its mini missions complete with

a full-scale replica of the hubble space


and a chance to learn about the shuttle

programs 30-year history from a vantage

point like no other train in the

astronaut training simulator area

featuring 21 consoles and interactive

experiences that allow you to not only

practice landing a space shuttle but

also take the controls and dock with the

International Space Station

once you've seen space shuttle Atlantis

up close and completed your training

you'll be inspired and ready for the

shuttle launch experience get ready to

take the ride of your life and learn

what it's like to launch in the shuttle

climb onboard and feel the rumble and

shape as you go vertical and experience

the feeling of what astronauts width

through as they accelerated to 17,500

miles an hour on their eight and a half

minute rocket ride

a veteran Space Shuttle commander guides

you through the launch sequence and

prepares you for this high-definition

audio visual simulation that is like no


Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is

also the only place in the world where

you can take a walk under the largest

rocket ever built at the apollo saturn v

center private the set on five was one

of the most powerful rockets ever built

it was the machine that took twelve

astronauts to the moon including Neil

Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin preparing

mankind for the journey to Mars and

beyond want to experience and feel the

moon for yourself you can see and touch

an actual moon rock brought back by the

Apollo astronauts ever wanted to see

behind the scenes at Kennedy Space

Center take one of the many exclusive

bus tours and go where most humans have

never been and time-travel to the early

days of the space program and take a

peek at the future of space exploration

there is simply no better way to get a

glimpse of Kennedy Space Center than

with their bus tours Kennedy Space

Center is home to some of the largest

movie screens in the world with their

twin IMAX theaters the IMAX screens

provide you a five

stories cinematic 3d experience of space

like no other shot by astronauts with

IMAX you'll leave the earth without even

leaving your seat and you never know who

you'll come into contact with at Kennedy

Space Center Visitor Complex it could be

one of the astronauts that flew on space

shuttle Atlantis giving you the chance

to ask that one question about space

travel you've always wondered about or

for a more one-on-one experience

visitors can arrange to have lunch with

an astronaut during this unique dining


you'll hear inspiring stories from a

veteran astronaut about space

exploration and have the chance to ask

questions and have photos taken the

greatest space adventure on earth is

about to begin make plans for your

family to be a part of it and Florida's

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex