Kelly Quizzes The Audience On Teenage Slang | The Kelly Clarkson Show

- Before we get to the rest of the show,

I want to talk to you guys about a high school teacher

who I'm obsessed with.

One, I just love teachers.

My mama was a teacher, and they just,

it's such a giving job.

You're underpaid, it's just a really,

really awesome vocation.

When you see teachers, please hug them.

They need a hug.

Kids can be mean.

(audience laughs)

Trust me, I have four.

(audience laughs)


They're really sweet sometimes, but anyway,

he found a way to relate to students,

and I thought it was amazing.

James Callahan is a sociology teacher.

You may not know his name,

but you've probably seen his spreadsheet on the internet.

It's a list of all the slang words his students use,

along with their definitions.

Here's the best part.

I have a teenager who says words,

I don't know what they mean, like all the time.

She said a word and my sister and I were like, what?

And she was like, that means tired.

And I'm like, just say you're tired.

(audience laughs)

What's wrong with the word tired?

I don't understand, but anyway,

Mr. Callahan was cool enough

to come and be in our audience today.

Come on, stand up, Mr. Callahan.

(audience cheering)

- Thank you.

- Yeah, thank you so much for being in our audience today.

Why did you make that list?

- I've always been interested in teenage slang,

so I've heard so much over the last 15 years.

I told myself that I really have to start writing this down,

because the language changes from year to year.

- New fake words arrive, yeah.

(audience laughs) - And I wanted

to have some kind of resource

so that I could better understand my students,

better understand how they communicate with each other,

better understand how they communicate with me,

and so, 15 years later,

I finally sat down and started compiling the list.

- So what's your favorite one?

- I think my all-time favorite is snack.

Do you know snack?

- I do know snack.

- [James] Okay.

- I've seen many a snack. - See--

(audience laughs)

Snack, to me, is a small amount

of food that one would eat between meals.

- Yeah, that's a person

who reads books about magazines, yes.

- Right, right, but to the Generation Z,

a snack is a person who is attractive or looks good.

- Like myself.

- Yes, of course.

(audience cheering)

- Since Mr. Callahan has picked up so many slang words

over the years, I thought it would be fun

to quiz the audience.

So let's see if you guys can correctly guess

what the words mean, but this is gonna be a pop quiz.

You're welcome.

So as the camera lands on you, you have

to answer or you have to leave, okay?

(audience laughs)

I'm just kidding.

I just want you to play.

(audience laughs)

All right, you ready?

(audience cheering)

All right, go!

(drum roll) (audience applauds)

All right, yes!

Okay, what's your name?

- Katrina Williams.

- [Kelly] Katrina Williams, are you ready to play?

- I am ready to play.

- [Kelly] All right, all right.


- Yes.

- What about wig snatched?

Have you ever heard that one?

- Oh, that means your hair is tore up.

(audience laughs)

- Oh, my God, I love you!

Is that right, Mr. Callahan?

Oh, no, I don't think so.

- Well, no, not right, unfortunately.

(buzzer sounds)

- All right, girl, you got it wrong.

Wait, what does it mean?

- According to Gen Z,

wig snatched is having your mind blown,

or experiencing an impressive feat.

- [Kelly] Oh.

- Got my wig snatched, my mind was blown.

- It might be pretty impressive

how bad the hair looked, though, so--

(audience laughs)

- [James] That's true, that's true, that's true.

- The flock of seagulls, a little nice, yeah.

All right, well, you lost, okay.

(audience applauds)

I'm just kidding.

I get competitive.

All right, who's next?

(drum roll) Who wants to play?

All right, all right.

What's your name?

- Hi, my name is Megan Lunphy.

- Okay, your slang phrase is secure the bag.

What do you think secure the bag means?

- Get the money.

- Yeah, it kind of sounds

like a drug cartel's a part of this.

(audience laughs)

Yeah, it does sound interesting.

Okay, Mr. Callahan, is that right?

- That is correct. - Get the money!

(bell dings) (audience applauds)

I feel like we should have a prize if you get it right,

but it's the first season,

so we have a really little budget.

(audience laughs) So you get

a round of applause!

(audience applauds)

Thank y'all for playing, and Mr. Callahan,

thank you so much for being here, and seriously,

thank you for being a teacher.

(audience applauds) I really appreciate it.