Kalahari Desert (South Africa) Vacation Travel Video Guide

in southern Africa is a unique and

gigantic desert the Kalahari but it's

far more than just a desert

due to its numerous trees and the cross

Eve education zones the Kalahari looks

more like a large and dry Savannah

geographically the kalahari extends into

a total of nine countries in the north

it stretches as far as Angola and Zambia

but the largest region of the Kalahari

is in Botswana one of the most sparsely

inhabited areas in the world a veritable

paradise the Kalahari is dusty gravel

roads see little traffic

unlike many countries in southern Africa

there is no mass tourism here

the indigenous plots of the Kalahari

have found ways to survive without water

for several weeks so they can survive

long periods of drought

rainfall is few and far between and when

it does rain it doesn't last for very


various fossil river valleys indicate

that this region was once fertile

everywhere there are the bones of dead

animals that have been unable to survive

through long periods without rain a

reminder of the fragility of life year

large trees are home to various species

of wildlife especially striking are the

communal nests of the Weaver bird that

can be up to two meters in diameter

one thing that all the wildlife here has

in common is its ability to adapt to the

extreme climate of the extremely arid


the high water table in some parts of

the Kalahari is ideal for trees in this

savanna there are trees such as the

umbrella acacia that is typical of this


various kinds of antelope such as the

stone antelope the chamois buck and the

Springbok can survive for long periods

without water most of the wildlife here

obtains its liquid nourishment by eating

moisture bearing plants and also the

blood of its prey some of the Kalahari

scary and eating animals way to the safe

distance for their next meal while

others are already eaten with a well


moving around is one of the most

important factors for survival in the

desert as there is usually little food

in a single area

few animals are able to survive in this

part of the world the Kalahari has its

own strict rules and those who don't

obey will not survive here for very long

due to its size the ostrich is the most

striking creature in this region it's

also the largest bird in the world

but smaller birds also live here despite

the shortage of water the tree covered

Savannah is an ideal habitat for bird


despite its harsh environments the

Kalahari is also the home of an ancient

African tribe the San the San people are

known as Bushmen and although their

tribal name has a racist background

they're one of the oldest ethnic groups

in the world

for 25 thousand years the Sun have lived

in complete harmony with nature within

this hostile looking desert in the south

of the African continent over the

centuries their survival techniques have

been fine-tuned to a fine art no other

tribe in the Kalahari is as

knowledgeable as these people the moist

flesh of a bulbous route can sometimes

be the difference between life and death

after the most essential moisture has

been taken the root is returned to the

sandy ground and hidden for retrieval

when needed life in the desert is one of

great thrift

construction of the sands hunting Hut's

is carried out in the traditional manner

modern techniques are not used here

even the creation of fire is still done

by hand and needs good preparation and

also a great deal of skill but for the

SAP it is a daily routine one of the

most popular methods of making fire is

the fire drill a piece of hard wood is

twisted within a softer piece of wood

for the Bushmen of the Kalahari the

creation of fire was an important

development just as it was for the rest

of the human race right up until today

the life of the sand people is dominated

by their relationship with nature that

is also reflected in the ancient

religious belief

despite long periods without rain some

areas of the dry savanna contain

watering holes yet the next rainy season

will transform the landscape into a

carpet of colorful flowers the landscape

shines out in the golden reddish colors

of a spectacular sunset the sunsets here

are typical of this mysterious paradise

the Kalahari is far more than just a

large desert in southern Africa with its

huge variety of fascinating wildlife and

magnificent landscapes it is a unique

world all of its own