Answer to: Where is the Alik'r Prisoner? Skyrim

hey guys this is one for game shampoo

calm and in this video I will show you

where to find a liquor prisoner in my

time of need so shadi asked me to talk

to this prisoner who might know about

welcome at ease so my timing i miticide

the banner mail in Whiterun and the

liquor prisoner is in

dragwon fridge so from the banner of

mail do you get to the cloud district

the real looking for my husband nazim


turn here towards dragon seat

okay back on see check in there is it

though here I climb up the stairs today

to the floor and then I go over the

waist long life and there are some

stairs here leading to a door which gets

me to the dragon seats Don John

and they see the market or the prison

areas over there

here's the prisoner I can talk to him to

him for the sales vows to to continue

the quest

what are you looking at and that's it so

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