How to Spot the Space Station from Your Backyard - ISS Science


hello I'm están Randy Bresnik here's my

friends Marty and Randy will be headed

to the International Space Station where

he will spend six months in low Earth

orbit while he is there he will become

the first marine commander of the

International Space Station and while

I'm up there

Bethan Marty will bring you periodic

updates as to what we're doing we're

going to take those updates and tie them

into specific lesson plans that you can

use in your classroom you can literally

go outside in your backyard and say

hello to Randy while he's up there

working you can spot the ISS as it

passing over you just need to know when

and where to look here's how you can

spot the International Space Station

from your backyard and please be sure to


we can spot the International Space

Station from our backyard and all that

we need to know is when and where to

look let's start by going to the NASA

website spot the station this

will give us all the information we need

now let's try to spot the station we see

on this past the station will become

visible at north-northwest at 8:32 p.m.

let's be sure we are on time because the

space station won't wait first let's use

our compass to find West now find

north-northwest is between north and


north-northwest is between northwest and


ok got it

next we see it's going to disappear in

the east got that location the entire

visible pass will happen between those

two areas now we have to determine how

high it's going to be height is measured

in degrees there's a simple way to

determine this height hold your hand out

away from your body and make a fist if

you place the bottom of your fist on the

horizon that line with the sky meets the

ground the top of your fist will be

approximately 10 degrees you can then

stack your fists on top of each other to

reach 20 30 40 degrees or higher

tonight the space station will appear at

10 degrees north northwest if I place

one fist in front of me while looking

north-northwest this is where it should

first become visible got it it will

disappear at 20 degrees east right there

at its highest point it will reach 40

degrees bingo we now have a good idea of

the approximate path that the space

station will be traveling along it's

almost time

let's look at the general direction of

where the pass will become visible we

will scan a wider area in case we are

a little off with our measurements the

station does not have lights outside

that are visible from Earth when we see

it we are actually seeing the Sun

reflecting off of it once the station

becomes visible it will take about six

minutes to pass across the sky it will

not blink like an airplane it will look

like a very bright star that is

traveling very fast across the sky here

it comes

wave to the astronauts