Maldives Travel Guide


ayoh and welcome back to AO world today

we'll be exploring the Maldives the

Republic of the Maldives is an island

state in the Indian Ocean consisting of

1196 islands these islands are spread

out over 871 kilometers from north to

south and are formed by 26 natural

atolls the islands are either inhabited

by natives the location of hotel resorts

or uninhabited the islands are only one

meter above sea level and the highest

natural elevation is 2.4 meters

this makes the Maldives particularly

vulnerable to the rising sea level

caused by global warming most hotel

resorts occupy an entire island and

therefore create a unique holiday

experience that takes place almost

exclusively in one resort since 2009

there is the option for tourists to

visit and stay on Islands inhabited by

natives these hotels are much simpler

but also a lot cheaper for most the

Maldives are a once-in-a-lifetime

destination because due to the expensive

nature of the resorts these islands are

no trip for a small budget but no need

to worry

with our aomori's travel guide we will

make sure you're perfectly prepared for

your trip and can enjoy your holiday to

the full extent before embarking on your

trip you'll want to check when's the

best time to visit the Maldives with

year-round temperatures that seldom drop

below 25 degrees Celsius the Maldives

are always a warm holiday destination

the best time to visit due to the

monsoon determined weather situation is

during the dry season from May to

November which is also the main season

the wet season starts about mid-december

visiting the Maldives during the wet

season may be cheaper but most certainly

doesn't offer the same experience there

are far less hours of Sun and especially

during February and March there are

often storms if you aren't too bothered

about getting wet every now and then and

would like to avoid the stronger sun

rays and or permanent sun then the wet

season shouldn't stop you

the rain showers are usually quite short

and the temperature stays warm so the

rainy periods just bring a bit more

change into the Maldivian experience

make sure you have a valid passport

before embarking on your trip injections

are not necessary for visiting the

Maldives when packing for the Maldives

it is important to remember the

essentials as the islands don't offer

many shopping opportunities the most

important things to bring are some

protection products such as Sun cream

and something to cover your head some

longer clothing as you require

appropriate clothing in public and of

course remember to pack light summer

clothes and swimsuits the Maldives use

English plugs so bringing a few adapters

can be helpful for more details and

helpful tips visit our website

aiyo world org here you can find an

example packing list that you can

download you will probably arrive by

plane at the airport in the capital of

the Maldives Mali

the first stop at the airport is

immigration there are often very long

queues at immigration so for a shorter

wait time you should fill in the

immigration form on the plane and be

sure to exit the aircraft quickly

importing alcohol drugs and pornographic

material is strictly prohibited in the

maldives and they may also check your

hand luggage changing moaning at the

airport is not recommended as most

resorts don't require cash and use u.s.

dollars as their currency it is a good

idea however to change a few u.s.

dollars in advance which can then be

used as tips usually there will be a

representative of your resort waiting

for you pass the baggage area

alternatively there are numbered booths

for each travel company and resort

further along where someone will be able

to help you and show you where to go

from here on you will be directly

transferred to your resort depending on

how close your hotel is you will either

be picked up from the airport by a boat

or by an island or water plane the

speedboat trips are a lot of fun but can

often make people seasick

the TMA Water Airport is on the other

side of the airport island you have to

check in your luggage at the

International Airport and it will then

be transported to the water Apple

shuttle buses then take you to your

plane from the water Airport some hotel

resorts have their own lounge at the

water airport where you can relax and

freshen up until it's time for your


the water planes don't operate by a

fixed timetable but instead fly by

demand the weight is usually no longer

than a couple of hours due to the fact

that the hotel runways are not lit up

it's only possible to land during the

day therefore there are no flights past

5:00 p.m. or during bad weather

conditions this could mean you have to

stay overnight in Maile

make sure you plan your international

flight in a way that you land early

enough so that you can then catch your

water plane if necessary the water

planes are an amazing experience

allowing you to fly over so many shades

of blue it's absolutely stunning

you will then land in a small Lagoon

where a boat will pick you up and take

you the last stretch to your hotel most

likely you will spend your holiday in a

resort in comparison to other holiday

resorts most of your trip will be spent

on one small island that can be walked

around in completion in about 20 minutes

the entire resort staff also lives on

the island in a separate area every

island has its own island doctor and

small shops in which you can purchase

necessities but they mainly sell


the first important decision when it

comes to accommodation is how you would

like to live during your trip if you'd

prefer to live on the mainland then you

can choose between a beach and a garden


beach villas have direct access to the

beach with a private beach area garden

villas are located more centrally on the

island depending on what you choose

there are different price classes but

the standards are always high the beach

is never far away on foot being as the

islands are all very small optional

extras include a private pool jacuzzi

and outdoor bathroom

and many more

if you'd prefer to live on the water

then you can choose between the

overwater villas and Suites these are

built on stilts and some stretch out

very far into the lagoon these also

offer various categories and extras it

is important not to underestimate the

Sun in the Maldives ten minutes in the

Sun without protection can already cause

a sunburn for light skin types the shade

is perfectly sufficient for tanning

especially in the overwater villas where

the water reflects the sun rays make

sure to check the orientation of your

Villa when booking so that you don't

risk burning in the afternoon Sun cream

with a high factor such as 50 is the

most important thing you will pack

another important booking decision is

the type of board you can choose between

bed and breakfasts half and full board

or all-inclusive all-inclusive is only

worth it if you plan on drinking many

cocktails or other alcoholic beverages

as these are very expensive in the

Maldives this is also the case for

minibar purchases the normal cost of a

beer is between five and eight dollars

for every type of board there is free

drinking water in the rooms our AO team

had the bed-and-breakfast option and

then decided what to eat each day you

can ask how much meals cost at the main

restaurant beforehand most islands have

a buffet restaurant and one restaurant a

la carte the buffet restaurants offer

many different options and the

opportunity to try a lot of different

things a lot of hotels also offer themed

evenings such as Italian or Indian often

there are also snacks on offer in the

afternoon if you're feeling peckish the

food quality is excellent without

exceptions the hotel our AO team stayed

at even had its own small island where

the resort grew its own food this makes

the trip from farm to table very short

and the food ever so fresh there was

even the opportunity to visit the

plantation in a hydroponics during a

private boat tour

so what can you do all day in the

Maldives the Maldives is the ideal place

to do absolutely nothing relax read and

simply be together however there are

also a lot of cool things to do in most

cases the islands will have beautiful

sandy beaches that are perfect for a

splash about and a swim

due to the Maldives being located on

coral reefs you will definitely need

beach shoes the corals are very hard and

sharp which makes for a very painful

experience whenever you misplace a step

it is also highly illegal to take corals

shells and other things found in the sea

home from the Maldives the beautiful

underwater world of the Maldives

is best explored by snorkeling for

snorkeling you need a snorkel mask a

snorkel and ideally fins we would advise

to bring your own as it is often very

expensive to rent them on the islands to

preserve the already endangered

underwater world you should not touch

anything underwater this is also for

your own safety as some things

underwater can be very dangerous some

creatures such as cone snails lionfish

and moray eels can become very

uncomfortable if you get too close

contrary to popular belief however reef

sharks are quite tame for more helpful

and interesting information on the

underwater world of the Maldives make

sure to watch our underwater special if

you plan on spending a lot of time in

the water be sure to get a UV protected

suit to avoid the danger of an extreme

sunburn there is also the option of

diving pretty much every Hotel Island

has a dive shop that offers boat trips

to all the good dive spots in the area

the underwater world in the Maldives has

been through a lot in the past few years

but it is still a beautiful and unique

thing to experience

there are many small reef fish and if

you're lucky you can also see sharks

turtles and larger fish

as a beginner without a certificate you

can do an accompany dive doing a diving

certificate in the Maldives is certainly

a great experience in one of the best

places to dive but also one of the most

expensive to find out more check out our

underwater special next to swimming and

snorkeling there are many other things

to do in the water sport area the hotels

have various offers including jet skis

kayaks windsurfing and stand-up paddling

so there's something there for everyone

to protect the underwater world and

preserve the relaxed and calm atmosphere

these offers are not unlimited and

without restrictions so just be sure to

talk to a member of staff in advance

every resort additionally offers other

sporting activities outside of the water

in most cases there is a gym with

essential equipment which is also

air-conditioned if you prefer doing

sport outside there are often tennis and

volleyball courts jogging routes or the

option to do yoga in the shade some

resorts are for special sport and

gymnastic courses for a more relaxing

experience or as a reward after all the

activities there's the option to relax

in the spa on offer at each resort

massages are only some of the treatments

they offer next to facials skin

treatments hairdressers and nail care

there is even a specific treatment on

offer to take care of a sunburn if you

happen to have a sunburn try and avoid

strong massages or body peelings even if

it's just a slight burn the staff

consists of well-qualified masseuses and

beauticians who will go to every length

to make sure your session is as

comfortable as possible be sure to plan

your treatments in advance and reserved

in time most resorts have a varying day

and nighttime entertainment program this

is different for each resort the Sun

aqua blue reef for example offers a

Devilfish feeding session in the

afternoon where the guests can watch and

take fantastic pictures not only

Devilfish are attracted by this but also

reef sharks and various other sea

creatures come so much closer to the

beach than you

usual in the evenings the hotel bar has

a happy hour and is the location of the

evening entertainment program afterwards

there are many different things on offer

from quizzes DJs and live music or a

traditional Mel Vivian dance if you're

visiting the island with your better

half then be sure to check out the

romantic date options that are available

they may not be cheap but a private

beach dinner couples photo shooting or

romantic champagne cruise are memories

that will certainly last a lifetime

there are also many day trips available

the most commonly done trips are the

boat trips on offer by the resort's

whether it's to go fishing

snorkeling or a sunset cruise the

captain and crew will take you to the

best suited and most beautiful spots

this kind of trip should be booked at

least the day in advance be sure to

bring enough Sun cream and drinking

water with you if you're lucky you may

even be able to see dolphins while

you're out and about this is a common

occurrence in the Maldives

especially during a sunset cruise do you

remember that luck is still a factor and

even if you specifically booked a

dolphin cruise you may still end up

coming back disappointed on the other

hand you can often see dolphins very

close to your resort so keep your eyes

peeled a very special experience is a

trip to a native island our AO team

visited the island of vandi due and

found out a lot of interesting facts

about the Maldives Bandido has about 950

inhabitants and their main sources of

income are fishing and the work in the

resorts fishing can earn you up to $500

a week which makes it a decent way to

make a living the islands have an

exceptionally low crime rate and the

Maldivians are friendly and peaceful

people walking around the island is

interesting and you learn a lot about

the locals and their lifestyle but you

shouldn't expect too much of a program

there are people crafting working or

cooking on every corner some of the

women for example make ropes out of

coconuts which can then be used for


the houses all look different and are

often made of coral lime perhaps you

will also have the opportunity to visit

the capital of Mali either passing

through or as a day trip Malaya is

reachable in 15 minutes by public ferry

for a reasonable price from the airport

Island nowadays there is also a bridge

between the two islands where pickup

vehicles operate a third of the Mahdi's

population lives on the main island

there are over 200,000 people in only

5.7 square kilometers depending on where

you go in Mali it can be quite tight

crowded dirty and smell bad the island

is a traffic nightmare with thousands of

motorbikes and scooters that are very

hard to maneuver through and around you

need to be alert when on the street and

it is most certainly not a recommended

to actively participate in the traffic

everything is reachable on foot and if

not then there are taxis that are

accustomed to the traffic situation and

you will reach your destination safely

remember to wear light but long clothing

in public your clothes should cover your

shoulders and knees due to the lack of

tourists in Mali you will be easily

spotted and encouraged to enter

overpriced restaurants and shops simply

ignore these requests the best way to

explore the city is by yourself without

a guide guides tend to lead you to

overpriced areas and tourist shops which

should certainly be avoided because Mali

is actually not expensive the official

currency in the Maldives is Rufio if you

would like to shop in normal shops and

markets Amalia then you will need to

play in local currency it is a

recommended to get out money at an ATM

rather than exchanging money at a booth

as ATMs will give you a fairer exchange

rate so what are the main attractions in

Mali the most important sight to see is

the city symbol the grand friday mosque

this mosque can hold up to 5000 people

and is the religious center of the

maldives and one of the largest mosques

in southern Asia the mosque can be

visited from 9 a.m.

five pm outside of praying times women

must cover their ankles shoulders and

head one of the karma and most beautiful

places in Mali is the Sultan Park the

park is like a little oasis amid the

hectic City tourists over 18 must pay

the equivalent of five dollars to enter

the park the park area is very pretty

and well taken care of various plants

trees and green areas separate the park

from the rest of the city and make for

lovely shaded areas over benches a great

place for a calming walk or to simply

relax especially children are well cared

for here with swings a large climbing

net and a play structure with a bridge

and slide we definitely a I recommend

mosquito spray when visiting the Sultan

Park our AO highlight was definitely the

visit to the fruit market ormally a

local market in the north of the island

the atmosphere there reflects the

day-to-day life and culture of the

locals in a very special way various

herbs food and especially fruit can be

bought here for a small amount of money

be sure to haggle with the vendors or

else you could end up paying more than

you should be you can also always ask to

try the merchandise not far from here is

the fish market which is also worth a

short visit it's a great place to see

all the interesting types of fish on

offer and watch the local people in

their element but the fish market is

certainly not a place for those with a

weak stomach a good spot to meet up for

a short break is the republic square

many pigeons reside here there's space

to move around and there is a lot going

on the square is right on the shore

where the presidential jetty is located

on the western edge of the Sultan Park

is the National Museum here you can

learn about the history of the Maldives

but you should not have too high

expectations as the exhibit is rated

average and quite expensive the

presidential palace also known as mu

Liege can be found in the historical

center of Mali and

an important part of Maldivian history

it is a one-story colonial style

building artistically decorated and

surrounded by a beautiful garden which

was a weak and vegetable plantation

during the Second World War

saving many locals from starvation today

the palace is used for important

receptions and meetings you are not

allowed to enter or visit the palace but

can admire the beautiful facade or have

your picture taken in front of its

impressive and colorful entrance gates a

great place to sit and eat is the

seagull cafe in the shade of some

beautiful trees you can choose a nice

meal from an international selection you

can also purchase delicious cakes and

ice cream here this was definitely an AO

favorite spot to eat

due to the calming atmosphere taking you

out of the hectic of the city for a

moment it is very hot Amalia so be sure

to drink enough water to avoid

dehydration our AO team stayed at the

Sun aqua velu reef hotel when creating

this travel guide if you would like to

find out more about the stunning resort

and the available rooms check out our

hotel special if you're curious about

the underwater world and are interested

in coral reefs we have created an

underwater special for you where you can

find out more about the sea lie fish

names and do's and don'ts when swimming

in the reef thank you for joining us on

this short trip to the maldives we hope

you found the important information you

needed and we hope you have a fantastic

time when you make it there for more

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