How to Get an ISBN Number

hi and welcome to task number 11 how to

get the ISBN before we get started make

sure you have downloaded the how-to

number 11 so you can follow along with

us let's talk about getting the ISBN

number for a book the ISBN or

international standard book number is a

number issued to each book by the

publisher and it's embedded in the

barcode on the back of a book in order

to sell through bookstores distributors

wholesalers and major retailers

each book must have a unique 13-digit

ISBN it is extremely important that each

self-published author has his or her own

set of ISBNs ISBNs can only be purchased

in blocks of 10 100 or 10,000 the cost

per book goes way down with the more

numbers ordered remember if your author

is self-publishing they are the

publisher the author is also the

publishing company putting this book on

the shelf you may also be wondering why

you need to buy blocks of ISBN numbers

surely you just need the one number for

the one book well remember each edition

of this book will need its own ISBN

number let's suppose that your author

prints a hard copy a paperback and an

e-book and in a year they write a second

edition of the book with four new

chapters also released in paperback and

as another ebook right there you have

used up five ISBN numbers just for the

one book you can see how easy it is to

go through blocks of numbers now our our

bow Coeur is the company that has the

responsibility for keeping the ISBN

system worldwide it is also the official

US agency responsible for assigning

ISBNs the system they designed makes it

easier for everyone to order books by

that specific unique number so there is

no confusion between titles or editions

many countries have their own ISBN

agency is responsible for allocating

ISBN blocks for books published in that

country to find the ISBN agency in any

country just do a Google search put an

ISBN agency and the name of the country

and hit search while it costs to buy an

ISBN block in the United

States ISBN blocks are free to

publishers in many other countries

including Canada and India

each of the 13 digits of the ISBN has a

meaning to help book stores and other

retailers with inventory and other

matters all 13 numbers are really


if the author is changing the books

prize or reprinting the book you can

keep using the same ISBN for that book

but there are times when the author must

assign the new ISBN to the book for

instance if the book is coming out in a

new edition because it has had

substantial changes you're going to need

to give it a new ISBN number

if the book's title is changed you need

a new ISBN number and any time you

create a new product from that book say

an e-book that product must carry its

own unique ISBN when the publisher is

assigned a block of numbers the numbers

are sent as what is called an ISBN

logbook it's usually sent by email have

a look at the screen above for a sample

ISBN logbook when the ISBNs are

allocated by the publisher for a

specific book the publisher just types

in the title next to the corresponding

number you can see that this publisher

has only two ISBNs left not assigned for

this block of ten ISBNs so on the screen

you're going to see the website ISBN org

when you go to get an ISBN number you

want to go to this website and click on

the English language forms right under

order ISBNs in bold in the middle of the

screen that will take you to the

application page for the ISBN publisher

prefix the publisher prefix is three

digits now it used to be the first three

digits when we had ten digit ISBNs but

now it's the second three digits that

will take you to the application page

for the ISBN publisher prefix the

publisher prefix is three digits now it

used to be the first three digits when

we had 10 digit ISBNs but now it's the

second three digits from this page you

will click on the link in the middle

that says continue your application

process on our secure server the

application process is pretty

straightforward what you'll need after

you start is the publisher name contact

and shipping information how many ISBNs

you want to buy whether it's 10 100 or

10,000 you will need a credit card as

well they will also ask you about the

type of products you produce

are they books videos software etc and

they want to know a little bit about the

subject is it for children's is it legal

or medical if you get stuck there is

also a separate page that gives you

hints if you don't know what they're

asking for

now something important to note it will

ask you as you finish the process if you

want to order barcodes as well say no

it's better to get them elsewhere and

we'll show you that in a minute

besides sending the ISBN log book with

your block of numbers via email they

will send you a username and password

and a link to an online ISBN logbook

where you can enter the titles of the

books and the format online it is useful

to put the information in the online

logbook because it is used to get the

books into books in print that's an

online service used by librarians to

find books by topic to order them for

their libraries the ISBN online log book

is handy and it's free for the first

year but is $25 a year to maintain it

after that so you may want to download

it and just keep it unless you do a lot

of books now here is a special note to

Canadian publishers and authors the

Canadian system for ISBNs is free to

publishers you will only need to do this

if you are publishing a book in Canada

it's called the CISS the Canadian ISBN

service system and it's pronounced kiss

if your author is planning on publishing

in Canada you will need to get a

Canadian ISBN number now I wanted to

talk to you a minute about ten digit

ISBN numbers and 13-digit ISBN numbers

now until a few years ago all ISBN

numbers had ten digits sometimes you'll

run into an author who will still have a

block of ISBN numbers that are ten

digits the 10 digit ISBN numbers should

be converted into the new 13-digit ISBN

numbers since this is the standard for

all new books now and it's easy to make

this conversion online all you do is go

to WWII SBN org forward slash convert

pub dot asp and of course you can find

that link on the VA headquarters online

just follow the instructions on the

website you input the old number and

it'll give you a new 13 digit number you

can use

and that's it for task number 11 getting

an ISBN number we'll see y'all soon