Old HYPE HOUSE On GOOGLE MAPS (address exposed)

what's up guys welcome back to my

channel and today I'm going to show you

how you can find the hype house in

Google Maps or Google Earth so firstly

I'm going to show you a very very simple

and quick way you can find the hype

house which involves one simple search

term in this box right here and then

afterwards I'm gonna show you a more fun

manual way which you can zoom in

yourself to find it so beginning with

the easy way what you're going to do is

go to this box here and type in Crystal

Lake entertainment and then it's gonna

be this Havenhurst Avenue one so you

want to click on this and that will

bring you to this location right here

this particular one real quick so

Crystal Lake Entertainment is gonna

bring you to this house right here and

then literally all you have to do to

find the hype house is to go to this red

house right here right next to it and

then go to this house right here and

this house is the hype house it is as

simple as that

you can see right here I'm gonna put a

picture just for comparison just so you

can see that it is indeed the hype house

so now I'm going to show you the other a

bit longer but manual way of finding the

high pass let's go okay guys so first of

all for the manual one you're obviously

wanting to go over the United States

obviously because that is where they

live and the next you want to go to Los

Angeles which is this thing right here

it's need like right next to this Gulf

of California so you want to zoom in

right here until you can see a place

called Los Angeles and then from there

you're going to zoom in a bit more until

you can find a place called Encino which

is right here so it's like AB it's the

left and diagonally up from Los Angeles

and then you're gonna zoom in until you

can find this Lake it's this body of

water it's really obvious and then from

there you're gonna zoom in enough until

you can see this elementary school right

here and once you have the elementary

school you can zoom in a tiny bit more

until this Leslie H Rosenstock appears

and then from there so you have these

two pinpoints the Leslie H and the

elementary school and then you just

simply zoom in a tiny bit more go up and

then we can find the Crystal Lake

entertainment as before and then from

there you can simply go

type house and there it is so that is

how you find the hype house in Google

Maps and Google Earth guys if you did

enjoy the video please like subscribe

and comment other youtubers houses that

you'd like me to find in the future and

until next time guys thanks for watching