Mandible and hyoid bone

the mandible is the lower jawbone and

provide sockets for the lower set of


it is a large and strong and also

provides the contour for the lower part

of the face

it consists of the body and Ramos the

Ramos gives two projections superiorly

the condylar and coronoid processes the

condylar process articulates with the

mandibular fossa to form the temporal

mandibular joint

it is closely related to the

submandibular triangle in for medially

and the infra temporal fossa posteriorly

it also provides a bony anchor to

several muscles and ligaments of this

region and protects the oropharynx at

its lower anterior end it forms a bony

landmark called the chin

the lower border of the mandible forms

the upper edge of the neck hence it is a

line of demarcation between the head and


the parotid and the submandibular

salivary gland the tongue and its

muscles vessels and nerves are closely

related to it

the hyoid bone is located in the upper

neck a little below the mandible

inferior to it is the thyroid cartilage

it is a small u-shaped bone in the

midline of the neck anteriorly

it appears to be suspended like a swing

from the styloid process by the

stylohyoid ligament it consists of the

body a greater cornu and a lesser cornu

it is unusual that this bone does not

articulate with any other bone

it's size is deceptive since it gives

attachment to several muscles of the

Ferengi Allegiant

like the scapula it is held in position

by the muscles and ligaments which

attach to it