Humpback Whale Discovered In The Amazon Jungle Baffles Scientists


humpback whales are one of the largest

creature's in our oceans they can grow

up to 16 meters in length and are known

for their ability to breach the water of

incredible Heights recently one of these

giant whales was discovered in the

Amazon jungle the first question was how

did this whale end up here the location

where was found is miles away from its

natural habitat and the creature was

measured to be over 11 metres long and 6

metres wide it's believed that this

whale was around 12 months out

scientists have taken samples of the

creature to try and find out what he

passed away from many theories have been

put forward about how this whale ended

up here one of the first ideas was that

a tornado caused the creature to be

lifted from the city although tornadoes

are powerful there hasn't been one in

this era recently the next theory is

that a giant wave caused a whale to beat

yourself this is said to be the most

likely explanation that some people

aren't buying it researchers have said

the following

we are baffled as to what a humpback

whale was doing on the north coast of

Brazil during February this is a very

unusual occurrence it's thought the

whale could have become separated from

his group one person had this to say

about the event

my friend is apologist and they said

they've seen many creatures wash ashore

over the years but to find a giant whale

in the Amazon rainforest is an unusual

occurrence it's still early days and

scientists are conducting experiments to

try and find out why the whale ended up


so what do you guys make of it is how do

you think this whale ended up in the

amateur let me know your thoughts in the

comments recently it was also announced

the sea turtles have been mysteriously

washing up on beaches however this is

thought to be because of the cold


these small Turtles were swimming in

Cape Cod Bay Joe in the harsh weather

sadly over 80 frozen sea turtles were

brought in and it's been reported they

didn't survive instead that a total of

173 turtles have passed away however the

number of turtles they're in bad health

was much higher a total of 227 near

frozen turtles were brought to the

sanctuary but out of this only 54 the

turtles made a recovery during this

harsh winter more than 400 Turtles

washed armed the wildlife Saint Theresa

said the following about the incident we

are at well over 400 coast on Turtles

for the year and the vast majority of

them are frozen solid


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