How To Edit Hosts File in Windows 10


hello everyone how are you doing

this is mdtech here another quick

tutorial in today's video I'm going to

show you guys how to edit the host file

on your Windows 10 computer so in

Windows 10 your not able to actually

edit the host file within the system32

folder so in this tutorial I'll make

sure you guys are quick and easy to work

around for this so we're gonna just jump

right into it

and the first thing I'm going to do is

open up the Start menu and you want to

type in folder options

and best man should say file explorer

options left click on that to open it up

send Ernie file explorer options you

want to go to the View tab right next to

general left click on it underneath

advanced settings you want to select the

show hidden files folders and drives

option and you want to fill that circle

in just by left clicking inside of it

and then left one applying okay and once

you've done that what we're going to do

now is we're going to open back up the

Start menu and you're going to type in a

file explorer best metric comes up

should say files floor directly above

desktop app so all you want to do at

this point just left put one at one time

to open it up

you want a left click on this PC on the

left side left going on at one time and

now you want to go underneath whatever

disk Windows is installed on most people

should be the C Drive and it will likely

say local disk right next to it unless

you've changed it at some point so we're

going to open up our local disk and now

we're going to go underneath Windows so

double click on the Windows folder and

now you want to go until you find system

32 so it's rolled down here and you want

to double click on the system 32 folder

now you want to go underneath drivers

right here double click on it now should

be something that says etc' you want to

double click on that up at the top it

should be a folder and there's gonna be

some missus host in here you want to

right-click on it

left click on copy and now you want to

go over to your desktop and in a blank

space you want to right-click and then

select paste now you want to right click

on the file on your desktop and then

left click on properties you're gonna

make sure it doesn't say read-only here

because if it's checkmark in here you

want to uncheck it and then click on

apply and ok now this point you want to

double click on the file it's gonna ask

you how you want to open this file

select notepad and then click on OK and

now at this point you could add any link

so you wanted to add in here and then

once you're done I would recommend that

you just click on file save once you're

done making your changes close out of


and now you want to just take it the one

that was on your desktop drag you back

into this folder and then you want to

replace the file in the destination

you're going to need administrator

permissions so select continue

and then you should be good to go guys

so I do hope this brief tutorial was

able to help you guys out and as always

thank you for watching and I will catch

you in the next tutorial goodbyes