GTA V All Gang locations

I wouldn't do y'all y'all ready her with

is your homeboy here you feel me I'm

just chillin out maxin down there thanks

mommy little blonde all right now today

I'm gonna show y'all all the gang

locations you feelin me I just went on

[ __ ] ass ballers Beauty BL yeah now

firstly I talked about gangbanging but

int job most important step no.1 you're

surrounded filming oh that was a ball of

you bust out the copier these balls a

little wild mom [ __ ] they think they

are praising their name but ain't ready

for growth Street I were up on my [ __ ]

ass [ __ ] any day hi now you

don't see them all around you know the

general area but this is the real man

concentration where you'll see these cat

says it's like that little coldest sack

you see the way they gain situations set

up there's no way for you to get out so

you can't just do a drive-by on the ass

just bail out like you see this

[ __ ] got mad at sit when I pull

it up put our finger on me an ass damn

[ __ ] hold up me block bang on me aren't

taking that [ __ ] stupid ass on all right

you know I won't really try to get the

cops on me neither

cuz I want to show you all these gang

location without running from [ __ ] ass

police is she alright oh if you trying

to run from the mall [ __ ] yet I'll

hire any college they can and come at

the yo ass [ __ ] [ __ ] off [ __ ] look at

this little [ __ ] gonna fight

he's gonna pull out his bangle hahaha

blast Joe ass alright now the next game

is just a Mexican set over here now

these [ __ ] are the crazy as

I've ever seen in my entire like me I

haven't seen not one of the

[ __ ] fight you'll rarely see

them [ __ ] fight I go stunned I

started some beast with him a little bit

longer and then when I walked over to a

knife the [ __ ] I didn't even say

[ __ ] to him they just tried the knife

and [ __ ]

I came back out my revenge though you

feel me also y'all listen I'm hosting me

a little you know heist on whatever he

filmed me keeping a low low I'm gonna

get I'm getting a crew together [ __ ] you

wanna add me on xbox live is gonna be

lanced under 30 falling that thing so I

get my gang crew together we can do this

thing you feel me check out these little

punk ass baller alright y'all just cut

it here I just still a little bit of

ball attached or you see a little purple

right there that purple a [ __ ] though

you feel me I still play

say any day go straight all day familiar

for life no go family's [ __ ]

aye but let's get back to it I now I'm

gonna show you guys once again where

they yet are they right across the

[ __ ] way I they usually become down

this out a overhead in their day now

I'ma warn y'all you shoot that

[ __ ] right there ya little big

[ __ ] right there you're gonna

learn all they ask see location so if

you're gonna kill they ass make sure you

do it right now you see this is where

they all a little bit concentration on

the mall [ __ ]

yeah the [ __ ] deep as hell look

at this [ __ ] holy [ __ ] [ __ ] I'm

in on my [ __ ] man [ __ ] I better this

block be hot his head a spot over hot

you drinking smoking we an y'all deep

and I bet all y'all got mangas on y'all

you know what you got from cheese

[ __ ] real carefully I ain't

gonna stunt you said one out one thing

rolling some [ __ ] up quick to

pull a bang on you in a heartbeat

hey you gonna make you please go run and

watch it been there go sparrowmon oh


you see some talk about when they got in

and say none to don't [ __ ] any gonna

say no [ __ ] these [ __ ] man

[ __ ] you out of here with that [ __ ]

I'll and [ __ ] like what what you feel do

[ __ ] do something nah [ __ ] you do so

now [ __ ]

got a [ __ ] big ass machine gun I'm

taking out all your [ __ ] gang lsv

small [ __ ] I'll run this [ __ ] [ __ ]

yeah [ __ ] out of here with that

[ __ ] ain't a goddamn word to you I

can set one up and y'all [ __ ]

trying to get all physical and [ __ ] [ __ ]

all that [ __ ] I'm up in all your [ __ ]

ass Oh y'all like my gun - yeah that's

ten sexy ain't it

hi mom [ __ ] enjoy that I gonna stop

my favorite color blue even though our

part of families filming gross good all

day yeah end it y'all ass [ __ ]

this gun got a 200 full Eclipse [ __ ]

then you can take that man stop

[ __ ]

[ __ ] my car some men I killed a

little [ __ ] ass I let's get out of here

I John now I'm gonna take it out to

another gang stop [ __ ] ass mother

[ __ ] like it has a reload [ __ ] all

right now I'm gonna ditch this car there

they all you see all them all posters

and everything that's on my screen

that's a many people die usually shoot

day at school you know da day usually

laid off a little bit then they die but

you know I usually help them out with

the extra two three bullets you feel me

[ __ ]

I now I'm gonna take out to another spot

oh [ __ ]

all my testicles oh I just the last one

I discovered so far you feel me you know

that's usually some bankers on David's

and some bankers on strawberry as well

you might wanna check back on between

those two but I have be able to see em

you feel me you mostly see these

[ __ ] at night you feel me I

mean during the daytime the big

concentration will be embossing them LS

views but everybody else used to keep a

low profile I there's a weed shop

because if I was on time no I think I

got a buy that [ __ ] in order to get

actual marijuana out of it unfortunately

though that's some stupid [ __ ] now

there's usually some beggars right here

remember the but if a third mission you

either steal a bike from right hand that

thing they used to be camped out on that

[ __ ] stairwell right then that

and I gonna stunt they just was crazy

it's a latino gang these [ __ ]

will blast you in a heartbeat I walked

by Joe I was on the other side across

the street I literally to the Walker

because I wanted to do a video on that

thing but y'all muhfuckas he started

blasting at me I mean not just one all

three of them are fake at the same time

I got stunned it was over here now I got

the ass yeah [ __ ] push it back [ __ ]

but alright y'all just been your homeboy

here now you know all the location of

these games and their thing so if you

want to go pop a [ __ ]

then you was welcome to do it unless I'm

hosting the heist and they're things

from either crew my gamertag Lance

Tucker 30 Fojo hit the line you feel me

yeah I was checking seeping these

[ __ ] game back and look at that

point that go down one more [ __ ] an

air body run yeah this really is [ __ ]

a new part of GTA o [ __ ] a [ __ ]

yay Dutch was cool that thing a little

[ __ ] i cha knows me your homeboy here

peace out

talk to you later