How add home button on the iphone screen 5s 5c 5 4s iOS 7 English Channeliphone

hello youtubers welcome to our channel

channel iPhone if you're an Apple level

you can upload our channel in this short

video I'm going to show you how to put

the home button in the screen is this is

you're gonna need this if you have

problems with your button if you with

your home button what maybe if you would

like to have the home button in your

screen it's very easy but first I'm

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put the home button in the screen it

very easy you're going to go to settings

here in settings you're gonna go down a

click general in general you're gonna

click here the option is called

accessibility here you're going to go

down the option is very deriving this

down it's called

assistive touch as you can see as he

still touches art I'm going to put it on

now you're gonna click here and activate

assistive touch and here is here is our

home button in the screen I'm gonna go

here home and we go home in our iPhone

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