Do We Finally Know How the Holy Grail Disappeared?

records show that for 500 years a cup

thought to be the Holy Grail was kept in

the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Jerusalem then in 909 AD it disappeared

from history now an astonishing

discovery may have solved the mystery

Spanish historian margarita Torres came

to this controversial conclusion in 2014

when she chanced upon a medieval text

hidden in a library in Egypt we have any

section 16 written in Arabic this

document refers to an event a hundred

and fifty years after the cup disappears

from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

here we have the first document found in

a Cairo is written in parchment there is

one line that stands out here is said

the cup that the Christians called the

cup of their Messiah this is the first

possible reference to the cup of Christ

after 909 ad

the text tells the story of a Muslim

entourage giving the cup to a king in

Spain the king of lay on Ferdinand the

great but why would the cup be in Muslim

hands rising tension between Christians

and Muslims in 11th century Jerusalem

led to the looting of churches and the

chance for sacred relics to fall into

Muslim possession the looting was

phenomenal but it went hand in hand with

an enormous persecution of Christians

and Palestine the beginning of the 11th

century but if the cup was looted why

would it then be handed to a Christian

King in Spain in 1055 Spain is divided

Muslims rule the south and Christians

the north lay on is the most powerful

Christian Kingdom and its King Ferdinand

is looking to push south into Muslim

kingdoms the document reveals that a

Muslim ruler of Denia in the south of

Spain gave the cup of Christ to King

Ferdinand in a bid to prevent any

possible invasion evidence suggests King

Ferdinand believed this Cup to be the

genuine Grail and that it was only

covered in gold after arriving Leone in