This place has the highest minimum wage in America

the nation's second-largest city has

voted to increase the minimum wage what

do we want 15 Domanick better wages a

minimum wage of at least $15 an hour the

minimum wage to be Americans are

mobilizing they are demanding a major

increase in minimum wage so we are

headed to the city with the highest

minimum wage in the country Emeryville


what was your reaction when you heard

about the proposed increase to $16

honestly I was scared this is Chris

Hilliard he's a husband father of two

young girls and he owns Farley's coffee


Farley's was originally started by my

father in San Francisco 26 years ago as

a neighborhood community coffee house

Emeryville is small but Monday through

Friday it's a different story

workers double the population from

10,000 residents to 20,000 chris has 45

employees and 90% of them make minimum

wage we have a pretty good retention

rate so I think that people do enjoy

working here and it's definitely

something unique and alternative than

working for a major corporation I

noticed the Starbucks just up the street

here yes Starbucks is certainly a

competitor of ours those people that are

working here are working for big

businesses and they're making 1444 if

they're making minimum wage at small

businesses they're making 1225 and by

2019 the minimum wage is expected to

jump to $16 and that's for everyone two

years ago $16 minimum wage was

unthinkable now it's unstoppable today

1.3 million workers make federal minimum

wage and almost 14 million make under

$10 according to the group small

business majority 67 percent of small

business owners are in favor of raising

the minimum wage to match the cost of

living it has an impact on local

economies all the way up to the national

level and we've seen here locally when

workers make a few extra dollars that

money gets recirculated in the local


is $16 a livable wage in the Bay Area

it's pretty hard to live on fifteen or

sixteen dollars an hour going from

twelve twenty five to thirteen to

fourteen to fifteen to sixteen that's

going to be a challenge as a small

business owner any small independent

business that was considering opening in

Emeryville is going to probably have to

consider whether they want to go forward

with it is there a fear that you might

not be able to make this work well raise

prices some but of course we can only

raise prices a certain percentage before

we start to lose customers being able to

have a living wage

it gives them dignity to be

self-sufficient it relieves taxpayers

from having to support them through

various public assistance programs

should raising minimum wage be at the

hands of municipalities or the federal

government I would hope the federal

government looks at what's happening

locally we couldn't wait for them we

understand people are hurting now and

people need relief now