Search the Hidden "T" in the Trick Shot Loading Screen - Location Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1

and what's going on everyone my name is

guru and welcome back to the channel and

today we'll be completing a brand new

fortnight challenge - which is gonna say

seriously hidden key in the trickshot

loading screen so if you guys want to

complete this challenge

just follow this gameplay and I got a

challenge for you guys if you find a

letter T from watching this video go

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whatever there's gotta be a brand new

phone a challenge I'll help you guys out

with them but if you guys want to

collect this letter T make sure you guys

have completed all the challenges for

week 7 trickshot challenges and then

you'll be unlocking yourself this

loading screen now in this loading

screen you guys will actually see that

day is actually gonna be a bridge and on

that bridge there's gonna be the letter

T so that bridge could be located in

between weeping woods and salty springs

right over there so this bridge is gonna

be quite well hidden in between the

trees so as you guys can see that the

place where I'm going in right now that

is gonna be the exact bridge where we

got a drop in so hey this is gonna be

the mini map location where you guys can

find this letter T so this pimping over

here and glide down just like me and

then all you gotta do is break this side

open just over here and the place where

I'm gonna spray-paint right now that is

not a bitty place where you can find

this letter T so come over here and get

the letter T and as you guys can see

from this gameplay this has got to be

the exact place this gets letter T so go

ahead and drop a like and use code garu

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challenges my name is garu and pizza