Inside The Henry Ford Museum

so I've made it to Dearborn Michigan and

I'm finally getting the chance to go

into the Henry Ford Museum there's a lot

more than just cars in this place so

this place is so big that it can be

difficult to decide where to begin but I

am going to start over here at the

presidential limousines this is

President Reagan's

1972 presidential limousine so this

little stand where the bumper is

supposed to be in that bar and so

someone can stand there and hold on

that's pretty cool this is the Lincoln

the President Kennedy was shot and

killed in hard to believe but according

to the plaque here this is the car


that is

truly incredible Wow

this is right where he was sitting he

and Jackie Kennedy



this is dwight eisenhower's

and look inside and see what the

interior looks like still

that is amazing look at the a bubble top

a famous bubble top it just continues

this is FDR's

1939 Lincoln here

and this is Teddy Roosevelt's broom look

at that


what a beauty

they're not really sure it says circa

1902 Brohm so getting to the cars look

at this 1941 Bugatti Type 41 Royale tell

me that that is not the sleekest coolest

looking car you've ever seen

there you go the Bluebird 1927 the bus

she's funny

they still make school buses today I

love the way these old trucks these old

trucks look 1952 Federal 45 M

is another look at the school bus 1927

Bluebird School Bus my have times have


one of the first things you see when you

come in after the limousines is this

huge locomotive and actually seemingly a

complete train it just seems to keep

going and going this thing I don't know

how tall this sits maybe 17 feet wow

this thing is huge


19:41 Allegheny locomotives


for the bowline

look at this 1923 Canadian Pacific

snowplow people therefore scale this

thing is huge this is for the big the

big snowfalls and it was pushed by these

huge locomotives

I'd love to see this thing in action

1967 Ford mark 4 kind of looks like a

Ford gt40 but this is the LeMans race

car beautiful and this is the 2016 Ford

GT that looks like it has not been

cleaned up since it's less race

this thing is 1896 Ryker an electric

tricycle Wow that's all you needed back


oh yeah you see the motor

back there

as you can see there's all sorts of

things here not just Ford's all kinds of

makes and models and trains even even

this thing the 1980 commuter car co mu T

a commuter car electric runabout

interesting look at these older older

versions of car seats they don't look

too comfortable for the kids

this is a 1962 Mustang 1 roadster which

was a concept car looks actually more

similar to the Ford GT than a Mustang


so there's a little bit of everything in

this museum including this Corning Glass

ribbon machine 19:28 basically made

light bulbs the light bulbs would go

into here and be fed into the machine

and this machine could produce 600 light

bulbs in just one minute and from what

I've read 15 of these machines in the

1970s produced most of the world's light

bulbs amazing

coming up on the biggest wiener you have

ever seen the Oscar Mayer wiener how

funny is this thing 1952 Wienermobile

this whole section of farm equipment and

this steam traction engine is pretty


it's almost as tall is that train before

hey by the Avery company

a whole bunch of different technology

related history even this wall of phones

that go from the oldest to sort of the


so one of the more fascinating things in

this museum is Abraham Lincoln's chair

this is the very chair that he was

sitting in the night he was assassinated

and this is extremely surreal to be

looking at

there's massive plain hanging from the

ceiling Northwest Airlines there's a lot

of aviation stuff here much much more

than just cars

there's even some beautiful

signage here look at this old McDonald's

restaurant sign over 160 million sold

and that is awesome

and although there is not a McDonald's

here there is a diner made to look like

typical 50s diner so I'm gonna go in and

get some food

hope you liked this video hope you liked

the tour see in the next video