Houston Heights Video Tour


the Houston Heights is the earliest plan

community in Texas it's made up of

tree-lined streets eclectic shops and

boutiques eateries bars and beer gardens

parks walking trails and of course

historic homes located northwest of

downtown Houston

the heights as it's commonly referred to

has a rich history and a strong

community although new structures and

custom-built homes are popping up in

some places many people who live here

choose to live in a historic home that's

been restored but what makes it truly

unique from all other Houston

communities is its small-town feel along

Heights Boulevard is a walking path

lined with big trees gazebos shops and a

quaint B&B the paths are frequented by

residents jogging riding bikes or just

taking a leisurely stroll the heights is

proud of its history and the history of

the nation on heights Boulevard is the

world war ii memorial plaza which

features a symmetrical wall covered with

names of Houston Heights soldiers who

served in World War two

there are also 23 bollards surrounding

the memorial each tells a story of World

War two


along 19th Street you'll find a

collection of unique shops boutiques

thrift stores restaurants cafes and more

many of the businesses are owned and

operated by local homeowners whether

you're looking for a bite to eat or just

taking in the local culture you'll find

it on 19th Street there's more to see

and do on White Oak Drive there are cool

shops restaurants and great places that

serve adult beverages the secret of the

height success is due in part to the

Houston Heights Association their vision

is for the Houston Heights to be

recognized as a diverse small-town

community in the heart of Houston where

neighbors know one another local

businesses thrive and history lives