How To Replace a Heating Element | Whirlpool Dryer Repair 279838

hi it's steve from partselect today

we're going to show you how to change

the heating element on your dryer it's

an easy repair all we need is a quarter

inch nut driver and a pair of needle

nose pliers very first thing that we

need to do is disconnect the power to

the driver but that's a plug merely

remove that from the socket if it's a

hardwire dryer we need to find the

source and disconnect the power there

second thing we need to do is remove the

dryer vent we need to pull the appliance

out because all of this repair is going

to be done from the back now we need to

remove all of the screws holding the

back panel on in this model there are

nine quarter inch screws

their back panel removed we now have

access to our heater element the first

step we need to do is remove the

high-limit thermostat from housing it

may be held on with a couple of

quarter-inch hex head screws or may be

just held on with the terminal arms

under the heater

next we will remove the two wires from

the heater terminals


now we have two quarter inch hex head

screws in the middle on each side hold

the element to the housing we need to

remove those


and the heater will just slide down and


to install our new heater locate our

terminals at the back on the bottom

slide the new heating element into the

housing lining up holes for the quarter

inch screws reinstall the quarter inch

hex head screws reinstall our thermostat


reinstall our wires to the heater

terminals make sure they're firm tight

and that's it last thing we need to do

is put our back panel in place



it really was an easy repair wasn't it

good luck with your repair

and thanks for watching