Deer Anatomy & Where to Aim On a Deer | Cabela's Deer Nation


on this week's how-to tip we're going to

be discussing the white-tailed deer

anatomy and this is especially important

for those of us archery hunters that are

trying to judge a specific shot that we

might have on a deer or are trying to

track a deer efficiently the hit that

you make on a deer is going to affect

how you track that that animal how you

pursue it how long you give it to expire

before going in after it so

understanding where all those internal

organs are on a whitetail is extremely

important as you can see I've got a

little graphic here behind me that shows

where all of the organs are on a

whitetail and obviously we're wanting to

hit in that heart lung area right up

there towards the front shoulder and you

can see that that front shoulder

depending on the angle that the deer is

sitting in regards to your location is

going to shield some of those organs

that's why a broadside shot or a

slightly quartering away shot is

normally preferred for us archery

hunters so that you can get into that

heart lung area on the animal as you

move back away from the lungs you get

into the liver that's this portion right

here in the purple color the stomach is

located a little bit lower and further

back behind the liver and then you get

into the intestines the guts and after

all the internal organs you can see the

spine that runs right below the top of

the deers back it goes obviously the

length of the animal the other thing

that this graphic doesn't show is the

circulatory system of the deer where all

the arteries run throughout that animal

and those can kill a deer extremely fast

also sometimes if you hit a deer back in

the guts you can catch some of those

arteries in there that'll that'll take

them down fairly quickly there's a lot

of resources online that are going to

help you understand exactly where these

organs are sitting the skeletal

structure of the animal and that brings

up another good point you really have to

understand where the organs sit but you

also have to understand where the bone

is on the deer for instance where the

front shoulder ends and its relation to

where that deer standing because for

instance if you have a broadside buck

his shoulder that is facing you is back

because he hasn't taken a step that

shoulder is going to be protecting a lot

of these vital organs so that that just

goes back to my main point here if

understanding where those vital organs

are and how the deer's body kind of

manipulates them but get online and

study some of this stuff really try to

understand the anatomy of the deer

before you head to the woods with

archery equipment should make you a much

better bow hunter