iPhone 7 with no Headphone Jack?!

hey what is up guys i'm kim Bhd here and

we are barely into 2016 and we're

already here in all kinds of rumors of

course about the next iPhone the iPhone

7 wireless charging maybe OLED display

possibly waterproof technology maybe

know headphone jack

ya know headphone jack in the iPhone 7

the 3 1/2 millimeter audio jack is one

of the oldest IO ports that's still

around like you don't see Ethernet that

much anymore you don't see firewire

anymore you don't see VGA anymore they

used to be everywhere but every single

device that's come out in the last

couple years still has that audio jack

it's kind of like the grandfather of

legacy io all its older relatives have

died firewire is dead but they've all

been replaced by digital ports so HDMI

Thunderbolt USB type-c but everything

still has that I do Jack the iPhone has

always been a struggle of fitting as

much stuff as possible and as compact of

a space as possible it's not even really

about finis the iPod Touch is already

like 10 percent thinner than the iPhone

and it has an audio jack still it's not

about the thinness but there's just so

much stuff packed into an iPhone so this

battle to fit more and more stuff into

the iPhone every year has of course come

with its sacrifices you probably all

remember the 30-pin connector that every

iPod and iPhone user had eventually

Apple just decided it's too big we want

to fit more stuff in the iPhone so they

switched to the way smaller

Thunderbolt cable to replace it it makes

sense for Apple but that in typical

Apple fashion screws over everyone who

was using their previous stuff so now

your Doc's don't work your battery cases

don't work your chargers don't work all

those accessories that plug into 30-pin

don't work anymore but that was just the

sacrifice Apple was willing to make to

fit more stuff now you might not ever

consider getting rid of the

three-and-a-half millimeter audio jack

it's kind of a staple everything is fine

with it but when you consider how much

space it actually takes up inside the

chassis it actually takes up a lot and

it's a big port so at that low a couple

of millimeters can be pretty important

so apple's logical solutions

seems to point to iPhone 7 just get rid

of the audio jack if you still want to

plug in headphones you have to do that

through the Lightning port now okay this

seems insane because it kind of is but

at least we can understand it a little

from Apple's perspective and also there

is also like tiny advantages to using

lightning for audio because it's a

digital port so the Apple could toss in

some little software features here and

there into the OS you could have minor

things like your music app opening the

second you plug your headphones in and

lightning headphones could talk back to

your iPhone maybe setting a certain EQ

as soon as they're plugged in you could

have noise cancelling headphones that

instead of using their own battery taps

into the iPhones power via lightning

kind of the same way the Apple pencil

taps into the iPad pro for batteries so

in Apple's minds it makes sense to just

kill off the big old auxiliary port and

do everything through lightning of

course in classic Apple fashion this

again means temporarily screwing over

everyone because who has lightning

headphones looks like Philips actually

makes a pair that you can buy right now

but they're three hundred bucks so for

everyone who doesn't want to buy a new

pair of headphones Apple will probably

sell a lightning to auxilary adapter for

oh I don't know 50 bucks

classic want to keep using the awesome

pair of wired headphones that you

already have adapter want to play audio

in your car that doesn't have Bluetooth

adapter want to charge your phone and

listen to headphones at the same time

unless there's two lightning ports in

the next iPhone yeah adapter this is

such an Apple thing to do at this point

it doesn't actually really surprise me

at this point the iPhone 7 is so far

into development that there's no point

in like arguing it it's probably already

set in stone it's going to happen so at

this point all we really can do is brace

for it but also think about it people

got mad when Apple got rid of the floppy

drives in the first iMac but then we got

used to it people got mad when Apple got

rid of the CD Drive then we got used to

it people got mad when Apple got rid of

firewire and their high-end machines

then we got used to it people got mad

when Apple got rid of the 30-pin

connector in favor of lightning in the

iPhone then we got used to it so people

are going to get mad if / when Apple

gets rid of the audio jack in their

iPhone but they'll get used to it if I

have the choice obviously I would

of the next iPhone be a full three

millimeters thicker it would keep the

audio jack it would have a bigger

battery it would have bigger speakers

etc but you know that's not up to me and

I'm not the only one who thinks this to

people plenty of people have had this

idea but there's been this trend going

towards thinner phones and that's just

the way Apple does things just kind of

funny that the company that brought us

the iPod might be the first to get rid

of the audio jack something to think


thanks for watching I'll talk to you

guys the next one peace