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expressvpn de brother ben as we all know

the location of any given Wizarding

school is a highly guarded secret almost

I guess you're inviting some foreign

schools and their students to visit for

a year for a big competition I guess

there are some exceptions for that or I

guess if you're one of the generations

of students who attended the school and

needs to show up in a moment's notice in

the dark with the giant army of dark

wizards and Giants but other than that

super secret which reminds me have you

guys seen this map of where all the

wizarding schools are because it is

beautiful oh hey look there they all are

or at least here are seven of the

schools that are bad at keeping the

secret according to JK Rowling there are

actually 11 big wizarding schools

worldwide but I guess the other four are

just much better at keeping a lid on it

although let's face it they're all

definitely in Russia India China and

Australia I mean sorry guys you're

totally falling victim to population

density and geography it's really not

that hard to narrow down in any case

they're the most famous of any of these

schools is of course Hogwarts School of

Witchcraft and Wizardry and even though

we know it's in Scotland and something

about the general geography surrounding

the school that's probably about as

specific as most people can get sorry

where is the school next to a Scottish

Loch right okay well uh yeah I'll just

I'll be there in a jiffy

see how that could still probably be an

issue for most people doesn't really

narrow it down very much but not to

worry guys because today I think we have

figured out the exact location of

Hogwarts school


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let's just start with the basics we know

at the very least that Hogwarts castle

is located next to a Scottish lock in a

mountainous area surrounded by woods aka

the Forbidden Forest and to muggle eyes

looks like ruins we know 100% that it is

a Scottish lock because that has been

confirmed on poverty in Scotland but

there are many many lakes so that

doesn't really narrow it down a bit

our first goal was to just shrink the

playing field you might think that where

they filmed the Harry Potter films would

be a good starting point for which Lake

Hogwarts is actually located at well

that ends up not being very reliable

because what you see in the movies is

actually shots from lakes all over the

place depending on what they needed for

that particular scene instead to narrow

things down a bit we decided to start

with the Hogwarts Express we know for

certain that every year on September 1st

the Hogwarts Express leaves platform 9

and 3/4 at 11 a.m. sharp and delivers

the students to the school after sunset

and according to time in sunset

in Scotland on September 1st happens at

8:11 p.m.

they are on the train for at least nine

hours which by the way no wonder they

are always just starving by the time

they get to the feast

it's no wonder all Dumbledore says is

blubber augment and tweak if you said

anything else people would ride because

they're just starving but it's like full

video about that by clicking the card

either way when you're leaving from

London you can only head north by train

otherwise you'd end up in the ocean and

into land you somewhere in this vicinity

and Scotland that said it is a fictional

railroad they're taking so it's hard to

give an exact route and believe you me

looking up train speeds online not as

easy as you might think the next hint we

get is actually in the movies and while

I understand that's not as high of a

cannon level as the books

hear me out in Prisoner of Azkaban it is

mentioned that Sirius Black has been

sighted near Duff town which Hermione

exclaims isn't far from here yes it is a

movie only reference but consider this

when that movie came out

JK Rowling had already finished writing

order of the Phoenix and it's not like

she wasn't super duper involved in the

production of the film's and she would

have had to allow this reference to

exist and they didn't have to include it

they didn't have to say Duff town I

could have said hogs need or any other

fictional Wizarding town but they chose

to leave it is where we're at is we're

looking for a secluded location nine

hours north of London by a train near

Duff town surrounded by mountains lake

and woods and from there we just opened

a terrain map over Duff town and zoom

out to see if there were any

particularly mountainous regions nearby

and great news there is one super

obvious candidate welcome to can garbs

National Park which nearly positive I'm

saying wrong this park is home to not

just five different Scottish locks but

also the second highest peak in Scotland

the ben macdui which I'm nearly positive

from pronouncing wrong plus it has the

benefit of being a national park meaning

there's no chance the land will

accidentally get developed by muggles

you you know how like sometimes you're

just like walking and all of a sudden


I accidentally developed some land here

know what I mean is there not going to a

plan construction and inadvertently

stumble upon

Hogwarts so yes the park does have a lot

going for it but it's still also quite

big so we still need to narrow it down a

little bit more and doing this isn't

actually as hard as it sounds we just

have to find a spot that matches our

list of conditions which again it needs

to be on a lake surrounded by woods

relatively inaccessible to muggles and

would appear as ruins to muggles

and if you can believe it there actually

is a location that perfectly fits this

honestly at first I thought this was

gonna be kind of tricky the park is home

to at nine different castles and varying

amounts of upkeep and like I said

earlier five different Lakes alas eight

of these castle builders apparently

didn't want waterfront property because

they're totally bonkers I guess but that

leaves us with just one other option and

guess what it's totally in ruins allow

me to introduce you to the Loch and

Eileen and its Island Castle Island but

yes I know Hogwarts isn't on an island

don't worry I will get to it

trust me this castle is perfect not only

is it the only castle in the park that's

on a lake but the fact that it is on an

island does make it less accessible to

muggles in fact there aren't even like

ferries or other boat services at the

lake that will even just take you out to

the island also I mentioned earlier that

the other castles in the park are in

varying degrees of upkeep but that's

only kind of true six of the other eight

are immaculate and beautiful and I very

badly want to go visit them mostly I was

just trying to be nice to this one

Drummond castle I mean just look at it

pour think have some self-respect

drumming and the eighth one is Glen boo

shot Castle which I've nearly 100

percent positive from pronouncing wrong

but which like I'm sorry castle

feels kind of generous maybe at one

point you were a nice stone house but

like look at this I'm sorry is that a

chain-link fence and is the chain-link

fence somehow higher than your actual

stone wall yeah

no Castle I don't think so sorry not the

point the point is that the castles in

this park are very nice and kept up with


well so really the fact that the island

castle is in ruins makes it stand out as

kind of unusual almost like something's

just a little off in fact and this is

where it gets kind of freaky I went on

Google Earth to try and get like a

ground-level view of the castle but just

take a look at how it loaded I've got a

full perfectly clear 360 view of the

shore looking out at the castle except

for one single square that wouldn't load

the money shot the castle itself was

hidden from view like that's kind of

weird right like a little bit like

technology doesn't function at Hogwarts

something either way though we are

looking for ruins that's what Hogwarts

would look like to us muggle so it's to

our advantage and it actually gets even

better do you know what's a really

common theme amongst castles history

castles have histories it takes a lot of

people to build and then maintain a

castle their castles for a reason do you

know what this little Island Castle does

not have history there is just not a

documented history about it

historians can only guess when it was


Hogwarts was built in the 10th century

we know that when was this castle built

nobody knows maybe then and get this

there are actually legends about the

specific castle having zigzagging

underwater secret passageways to get

people in and out of the castle but

they've never been found but like are

you kidding me with this ancient

lakefront ruins Castle that wrecks

technology with legendary underground

secret chambers and it's in the known

relative area of Hogwarts yeah but Jay

it's still on an island what about that

yes about that there are actually two

explanations for that one real-world and

one in universe in the real world there

actually was a path leading from shore

to the castle at one point but in 1700

they built a dam on the lake and raised

the water level which then wiped out

said path in a universe however the fact

that the hassle appears as ruins

on an island could simply be part of the

illusion which could also account for

the size because I'm sure you might have

been thinking that Island looks kind of

tiny for Hogwarts don't you think yes I

do think but I think that's what they

want you to think but just like the fact

that it appears to be in ruins the size

is also part of the illusion so guys

there you go that is our best guess as

to the exact location of Hogwarts in the

real world let me know do you agree in

the Tao section down below also before

we go I want to give a big shout out to

the viewer who sent in and submitted

this idea for us by the name of Robin

clerks Robin put together a whole report

a really great research and totally sold

us on this idea we added some of our own

little things in there as well but I

hope you really enjoyed it Robin great

job guys thanks so much for watching

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