Harmony of the Seas - Full Tour - (Updated 2019) Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

I'm gonna take you on a tour of the

harmony of the Seas this is Jason here I

hope you enjoy the tour let's get


I'm gonna start the tour off here on

deck 16 I'm all the way at the back of

the ship we're first gonna take a look

at the ultimate abyss it's a slide it

goes off the back of the ship all the

way down to the boardwalk down there you

can see the Aqua theater the platform is

see-through so it's a little scary right

when you first walk on it is a dry slide

so you get into a bag and you slide

right on down so right here you can see

how big the slide really is it's really

long when you get down to the boardwalk

you'll see Johnny Rockets on the right

and you'll see sapore on the left front

of the ultimate abyss is wipeout bar

wipeout bar is also in between the two

flow riders so there are two flow riders

and the way they're set up is is one is

primarily for surfing so you're gonna

stand up on that one and the other one

is for boogie boarding keep in mind that

to ride the zipline you're gonna need to

check in at the desk and you'll need

your keycard if you're brave enough to

ride the zipline when you exit you are

going to find yourself at the golf


harmony dunes so the zipline is right in

between the golf course and the

basketball court and the golf course and

the basketball court are directly in

front of the flow riders over here is

the flow rider that you boogie board on

you'll see that they are riding together

the height restrictions are for the

boogie board floor water you must be at

least 52 inches and for the surfing flow

rider you must be at least 58 inches for

the zipline you have to be at least 52

inches tall and there is a weight

restriction 75 pounds minimum and 275

maximum right here in front of the full

basketball court are the ping-pong

tables these ping-pong tables are wind

resistant and you don't have to worry

about the ball getting away from you

right next to the ping-pong tables

you'll find many buds an outside seating

area you can enjoy your food on bench

style seating or on regular square

tables enjoy hot dogs hamburgers nachos

corndogs and french fries and you can

make the yummy nachos

with cheese and taco meat after you're

done at many bites remember to stop off

and get yourself a self-serve soft ice

cream you're gonna get good at it

this right here is splash away Bay it's

the kids waterpark there are lifejackets

available if your children are not able

to swim yet

splash away Bay is right next to Central

Park if we look down there we can see

Central Park let me just give you the

set up to the left is the sports pool

and to the right is splash away Bay we

take a look from the side here we can

see that that bucket dumps water

continuously there's a couple of water

slides and right in front of the water

slides is a hot tub in front of the hot

tub is a bar if you need yourself a cool

drink directly on the other side is

another bar so if there are people

waiting you can head on over there

directly across from splash away Bay is

the sports pool this is where you can

watch the belly flop contest play water

polo on a CD if you're interested in

watching any one of those activities

it's good to get yourself a lounge chair

up front close to the pool so that way

you can see all the action if we jump up

a deck right there it's the sports pool

we're gonna find the sundae also if we

go through these doors we're going to go

into the buffet area as you're walking

into the buffet area you're gonna get a

view of the pools and central part the

buffet is called the Windjammer

marketplace it's open for breakfast

lunch and dinner as soon as you walk in

there's a little hand wash right here so

everyone washes their hands so just so

you're aware the symphony of the Seas is

extremely similar to this ship the Oasis

of the season the allure of the Seas are

going to be renovated soon and they are

also going to be similar to this ship as

well the Oasis will be ready in November

of 2019 and the allure in May of 2020 if

you're interested in any one of those

sailings make sure you give me a call

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Royal Caribbean actually provides us

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now to get these rates you must give us

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our website therefore it is highly

beneficial for you to call us we're

gonna cross over from splash away day

and the sports pool over to the main and

the beach pool if we look up we can see

the perfect storm water slides

Central Park divides this area as well

there are three water slides one of the

water slides shoots you into a champagne

Bowl you go round and round and then it

takes you all the way to Dec 15 it goes

from Dec 18 2014 1 so x it from the

cyclone or the typhoon you will be at

the main pool there are two hot tubs at

the main pool the pool is in between

both of the hot tubs and you'll see here

people are just kind of hanging out

sitting at the edge having a drink

talking and then you can see from here

right at the exit of the water slides is

the other hot tub the beach pool area is

set up almost identical to the main pool

area a main differences is that the

water goes up to the lounge chairs so

some of the lounge chairs on the edge

over there are sitting in a couple of

inches of water so make sure you wear a

flip-flop let's head on into the

solarium at the entrance of the solarium

you'll find this hot tub it's amazing it

sits over the side of the ship it has

wonderful views it's perfect for when

you're leaving port there's an identical

hot tub right on the other side of the

ship right when you walk into the

solarium you'll find the solarium Bistro

it's a complimentary buffet for

breakfast and lunch it's perfect to have

breakfast here on a port day because not

a lot of people know about it so it's

not as busy as the main buffet

let's head on into the solarium the

solarium consists of a few different

decks there are plenty of loungers hot

tubs you'll notice if you look up that

you're protected by a glass structure it

goes all the way around the front of the

ship if we go down here you'll see that

there's a hot tub over here to the left

you'll notice that all the way to the

front you're gonna find lounge chairs

and cabanas so if you want to enjoy

views of the front of the ship that's

available to you also if we go all the

way over to the side of the ship you'll

notice that there is an area where you

can walk out on to a deck which a lot of

people enjoy especially when they're

leaving port there's one identical on

the other side of the solarium and if we

walk out to the front here there's a

little glass window that's fun to walk

out on to and look down at the sea if

you look up you'll see there's another

deck so if we go on up there

we're gonna find the bar there are also

plenty of loungers in this area too next

to the bar so if you want to hang out in

this area so that you can get drinks

easily Hey it's a perfect spot we're

looking at Central Park let's take a

tour this is Central Park

it's about as long as the promenade it

features a lush garden full of seasonal

flowers trees vines it's amazing you can

also catch a ride on the rising tide bar

here it lowers down to the promenade and

then comes back up again you'll find

some excellent dining options here chops

grill is part of the specialty dining

that's the steakhouse you can either

come on in and sit inside they also have

seating outside so if you like to enjoy

the plants in the area in the atmosphere

it's a perfect option let's walk right

through this trellis right here and take

a look at trellis bar a lot of people

like to stop here and get a drink as

they're walking through Central Park if

we look up will notice the balcony

cabins so keep in mind that not all

balconies are ocean view

the Park Cafe is also an excellent

option for breakfast our lunch or a

snack it's perfect for a soup and salad

kind of like that meal between meals you

can also enjoy a breakfast burrito or a

panini right across from Park Cafe is

Jamie's Italian when I think of Jamie's

Italian fresh comes to mind because all

of their pastas are made in-house we

stayed in the Central Park balcony and

we received free vouchers to Jamie's

Italian they were in our cabin who we

were excited so if you stay in a Central

Park balcony keep an eye out

this is vintages right when we walk in

look at this huge table if you have a

big party it's perfect for you or you

can come over here and sit at the bar or

there's also comfortable seating over

here to the left of the bar if you enjoy

fine wines or wine tastings come check

it out a hundred and fifty Central Park

this is another dining venue all of

their ingredients are fresh they are

farm to cruise ship all the ingredients

are locally sourced this is American

icon grill we're down here on deck three

now we're all the way at the back of the

ship this is the main dining room the

main dining room consists of three

different decks there's an early a late

and there is my time dining the early

dining is 5:30 the late dining is around

8:30 and the my time dining is anytime

between six and nine thirty

now the dining room does consist of

three decks but remember if you're on

deck four then it's going to be called

grande and depending on what your key

card says will depend on which deck

you're going to enter from it's also

open for breakfast and lunch this is a

zoomy this is the Japanese restaurant

there is an aboutyou grill so the chef

will cook the food right in front of you

or you can sit at a table or the sushi

bar it's up to you whatever you like

let's make our way into Casino Royale so

we're on deck 4 we're at the back of the

ship we're making our way to the front

of the ship Casino Royale is one of the

biggest casinos on a cruise ship they're

closed right now because we are at port

there's a bar in the center and on

either side of the bar you'll find the

tables and then all the way toward the

wall you're going to find

the slot machines if you like blackjack

we let the slots poker poker tournaments

come check it out just don't stay up too

late remember you got to go to port

tomorrow so there's this quarter right

here which will take you into another

entertainment area Studio B Studio B is

the ice skating rink so here you can

watch ice skating shows and you can also

ice skate they'll also have events

taking place here private events so be

aware of that you might see a sign

saying private event taking place this

is the Attic this is where you'll come

in and watch the comedy shows also later

at night it turns into the dance club

one thing that you should check out

while you're on board is the silent

party where they have the headphones on

and everyone's listened to music but you

can't hear anything except through the

headphones it's pretty fun this right

here is the jazz club if you like jazz

and enjoy easy listening come check it

out right here is the Royal Theater if

you want to check out musicals you can

come on in and watch a couple of those

but they also have magic shows and other

activities that take place as well so

make sure that you check out your cruise

compass and it'll give you a list of

events this right here is the promenade

the first venue we're gonna take a look

at is boleros this is the Latin

nightclub they also have activities that

take place here such as salsa dancing

they offer classes then at night you can

come on in and show us your stuff it's

also a pretty cool place to come in and

have a drink at night if we go right

across the promenade here right across

from boleros we're gonna find on air

this is a perfect place to watch sports

also here you can participate in karaoke

or you can just come on over here to the

bar and have a relaxing drink keep in

mind that we are on Deck five we're more

toward the front of the ship and we're

just making our way all the way to the

back we're gonna make our way all the

way to the boardwalk so check it out

this is Sorrento's this is the

all-you-can-eat included pizza

Sorrento's has a wide selection of

pizzas and they make them pretty fast so

I like it because there's not you

a long line there this is Boonton bonnet

this is the English pub enjoy live music

come on in for sangria night or in the

afternoon come on in for their special

mimosas and Bloody Marys

the promenade is fun you can enjoy dance

parties parades such as Latin parties

fifty sixties parties caribbean street

parties over here is next cruise while

you're on board if you want to rebook

they offer excellent deals and keep in

mind that if you do book on board as

soon as you can back give us a call

we're actually allowed to take those

bookings over within sixty days and we

will provide you with a discount and

also if you've already booked your

cruise with Royal Caribbean you can

still give us a call we can still

provide you with a quote especially if

you're still in that 60 day window so

this is rising tide bar we saw that up

in Central Park it's it's right across

from guest services if you have any

questions you can come on in to guest

services they'll help you out I like the

way that they have the tables here it's

not one long a counter so it feels a lot

friendlier right across from rising tide

bar is the Bionic bar the biotic bar you

come in and you place your order on an

iPad you swipe your key card and then

this robot will make your drink you saw

there that was Jason's drink it's gonna

go ahead and shake it up for me I'm

gonna swipe my card that's how you know

it's your drink and you know you just

grab your drink right out of there and

sip away this is focus we're right near

the boardwalk if you want to take a look

at the pictures that the photographers

take on board you can do that on one of

these screens

this is schooner bar schooner bar is

pretty cool they offer many different

types of trivia music trivia they also

play classical guitar they have Elton

John tributes Billy Joel tributes Elvis

tributes it's a lot of fun and it has

really good views of the promenade let's

take a look at the boardwalk if you have

children keep an eye out for when they

have the face painting kids love that

they paint the faces to look like a cat

or a dog or their favorite character

it's a lot of fun over here is the dog

house the dog house has all different

types of hot dogs and sausages it's

complimentary so if you're wondering

which options are complementary and

which dining options are specialty I'm

gonna go ahead and place a link down

below the description

video which will have a full explanation

of all the different options and the

pricing if you look straight ahead

you'll see the ultimate abyss and if we

look up we'll see the boardwalk balcony


so there's ocean view boardwalk and

central park balcony cabins and of

course there's also the aqua suites that

also have balconies

this is sabor they offer Mexican food

it's all a cart pricing and they also

have a bar which is pretty popular

especially before and after the aqua

show so if you need a drink and the

shows already begun stopover at schooner

bar it's going to be a lot quicker this

is Johnny Rockets this is an old style

diner the hamburgers are delicious but

also if you have the chance try one of

their chocolate shakes to get to the

aqua theater you have to pass by the

ultimate abyss you're gonna want to

watch the aqua show it's amazing it kind

of like gives you those sweaty palms cuz

everyone's walking up high on ropes and

they're diving off of high dive into

this pool sometimes they close the pool

and everyone dances on it and then they

open the pool back up again so you think

oh my goodness what if someone actually

dives down and they forget to open it

this is dazzles that's primarily a

nighttime venue so I'll show you what it

looks like in the dark they offer a

excellent welcome aboard party so check

that out but late at night they'll have

a DJ with dancing and they'll also have

live music in the early evenings when

we're on board we came in and watched a

pretty cool Stevie Wonder tribute

straight ahead here is the boardwalk

I'll go ahead and turn the lights on so

you can get a better view and if you go

upstairs there's also more seating and

tables available here is the card room

so it's perfect for playing cars and

they have computers you can also log in

from your laptop directly from your

stateroom if you like if you need to get

online hopefully you don't this is

Wonderland as we walk through we're

walking through the looking-glass this

restaurant is inspired by Alice in

Wonderland it's pretty amazing menus are

handed to you blank but then slowly

reveal their dishes divided into six

elements sun sea ice earth fire and

dreams another neat feature is that

plates are made of dry ice edible foam

it's funny watching everybody

they finally become aware of this right

when you walk in to the vitality spa and

fitness center if you look over to the

right you're gonna find the juice bar so

you can get your facial or your massage

started off with a nice healthy drink if

you would like a relaxing day be sure to

check out their day pass to the thermal

Suites you'll enjoy heated loungers a

steam and sauna room it's excellent and

you'll have an unlimited pass if you'd

like to workout there's a full gym you

can also take yoga Pilates classes if

you like they also have spin classes if

you're interested come on in and check

it out they'll have a full list of

activities offered and someone here can

help you thank you so much for joining

me on the tour

I'm Jason nucleus I'm with cruises

sitcom if you'd like the best rate

guaranteed give us a call our numbers

right there on the screen have a

wonderful day