How to Change A Hard Drive In A HP Laptop

hey there guys is the paintball paradise

and today I will be changing the hard

drive from this 15 inch HP laptop the

hard drive is blown out um it's fried I

have to do this anyway so I figured why

not make a little video tutorial and

hopefully help our viewers on how to do

this remove the hard drives or replace

with replace it with a new one today

some of the things you're going to need

are a very small screwdriver to get the

screws out of the back your new hard

drive is what I'm working with here

again if you're just taking it out you

don't need that but I also have a cloth

laid down when the laptop is face down

so it doesn't get any marks on it

alright let's begin HP designed this to

be very user friendly as far as removing

hard drives goes it's just simple

there's a little icon with disks and um

this is what you're going to need to

unscrew two screws right here now you

have to be very careful you do not want

to lose these screws basically if you

lose the screws you're screwed should be

good paint he has to get up okay now the

initial cover is off here's your hard

drive now there are another three screws

attached the hard drive now this is

where you could really lose a screw and

so these little motherboard rivets here

you do not want to do that one

two in the last one let's lift this up

with it

now I'm going to lift this on scroll

with the hard drive but the to get the

hard drive out actually no I'll do that

later hold on let me just get this screw

there it is so now your hard drive is

still attached to your computer but

there's a little tag here right here you

have to pull up to remove it now this is

the old hard drive this is the tag get a

pull now let's open up the new one ours

part of the video right here okay here

it is

then brand new hard drive different make

this one's actually made by Samsung this

is Hitachi go figure now I had to take

this little tag off here's the ports and

put it on the new hard drive right here

I do that now there you go

this is now successfully attached the

hard drive and let's put this in

screwing the hard drive with the good

old screws see now is magnetically stuck

to the things pretty great

electromagnets now things with the three

screws you don't want to screw in the

bottom left one because that's going to

get screwed in when you put the cover

back on

recording in 1080p fine thanks to my

sony hxr on cyber-shot digital camera

which doubles as one hell of a video


I'll make shade there in my nice and

tight not too tight but yeah last screw

kind of pain you have to drop it in


I should probably to put it on before I

there we go I lifted it down oh it's on

now and let me just get this tag in for

cover it all up there we go

successfully in and just put this on now

probably have to reinstall windows with

this hard drive but not going to make a

video then put on these screws it's a

fairly newer laptop the older laptops

are very similar just a hard hard drive

bay two screws and now you've

successfully installed your hard drive

comment rate and subscribe thanks guys