Where are The Hamptons and What is Hamptons Style?

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what Hamptons Style actually is, so you get a clearer picture of where the style

came from and what constitutes a Hamptons Style house. Let's start with a map.

Here we have Manhattan, the amazing city centre of New York USA. You can see

Central Park right there under the word Manhattan. Just to the right of Manhattan

we have the aptly named Long Island. Heading out towards the end of Long

Island, you will eventually hit West Hampton and Hampton Bays which are kind

of at the gateway to the Hamptons, and then a string of other towns and

hamlets which are collectively known as the Hamptons, like Southampton,


Sagaponack, Sag Harbor, East Hampton and

Montauk, just to name a few. You may have also seen photos of the picturesque

Montauk Point Lighthouse.

This whole area of Long Island used to be home to farmers and fishermen in the

mid 1600s and in fact East Hampton is one of the oldest towns in America,

settled in 1648, although it was originally known as 'Maidstone'. It wasn't

until the early 20th century that wealthy families began to come to East

Hampton looking for some respite from the hustle and bustle of New York and to

this day it remains one of the wealthiest areas in the Hamptons.

Today the Hamptons are known for housing the summer homes of the rich and famous,

including people like Paul McCartney, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Robert Downey Jr,

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Martha Stewart, Julianne Moore,

Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Lopez, Brooke Shields, Alec Baldwin, Gwyneth Paltrow, and

Ralph Lauren, just to name a few.

Sprawling green lawns, amazing mansions and beautiful houses with pools and

tennis courts, stunning beaches,

and everyone's soaking up the holiday vibes. These stunning aerial shots are

truly breathtaking.

As far as the exterior of the houses go, there are wooden shingles and weather

boards and white trim, pitched roofs and dormer windows, manicured hedges and


What would you normally expect to see inside a Hamptons Style home? There are

the popular included colours of a base of white with navy, silver-grey and duck egg

blue, and then dark wood floors or whitewashed wood and wood panelling, with

jute rugs and rattan furniture and baskets, big comfortable linen couches,

tufted or nailhead chairs, to name only a few. You can see where the Hamptons colour

scheme has come from when you head to the beach. The jetties or piers are the

silver-grey whitewash and panelling; the clear, shallow water and the sky is like

duck egg blue, and the deep water is the navy blue. The sand and the seaweed are

the natural fiber elements. This is possibly largely why Australians

resonate so well with this style, with around ninety percent of Australia's

population living within 100 kilometers of the beach and our own stunning

coastlines, we already know that Aussies love the beach, so bringing it into our

homes with this classic but coastline-inspired style just makes sense.

So when it comes to the interior design of the houses in The Hamptons, there are

some surprising choices considering what we usually consider to be Hampton Style.

We do have the running themes of blue, white and natural fiber decor, wood

paneling and traditional furniture in a casual way, but the decor is also

sometimes very eclectic, sometimes with bold splashes of unexpected colour,

sometimes grand, sometimes mixed with an industrial style or crossing over with

French Provincial, but all in a relaxed way. I love the way that Sarah Jessica

Parker and Matthew Broderick have used simple IKEA tables in their Hamptons

house similar to what would be found in many everyday households and they

upholstered their furniture here in dark denim.

So let's have a look and see what's usually found in Australian modern

Coastal Hamptons Style houses. We have some beautiful exteriors here with grey

weather boards and white trim or sometimes any mix of weather boards,

stone and render, cute front porches and the roofs are usually either tiled or

corrugated iron. Interior wise, we're continuing with the classic coastline

palette of blues, navy, white and natural materials, with double-raked ceilings and

exposed beams, glass and wood, coral pictures, plantation shutters and

crisscross detailing. Greenery and flower arrangements also play an important role

in the airy feel of these homes. Overall, I think the important factors of this

beautiful style are the light bright airy feeling, white walls, greenery and

natural materials and coastal colours. That being said though, don't be afraid

to experiment with adding your own personal flair - some additional colours, or

mixing in a couple of design elements from another style, like you might see in

houses in East Hampton, Montauk, Bridgehampton, Southampton, and any of the

other Hampton towns. Just keep it simple and relaxed and you'll have the holiday

vibes in your house before you know it. I hope you've enjoyed this very quick

overview of Hamptons Style. There are many more things to mention but we'll save

those for another day. If you liked this video please give it a thumbs up, don't

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