FASTEST WAY TO OPEN *THE GROTTO* VAULT! | Season 2 (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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are talking about the quickest the

fastest way to get into the vault at the

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because today we are talking about how

to be every single one of your opponents

to this vault at the grotto now

something i want to make especially

apparent about this vault that is

different from all the other vaults is

that the henchman and the boss brutus

are carrying mini guns here so i want to

make it a priority that you guys know to

have a good gun and at least a few mats

so that you can build some stairs or

some walls to protect yourself because

this one is slightly harder than every

other vault but we have more chests more

crates than a lot of the other vaults in

this one so it is worth it now i want

you guys to follow my path right here

most people go into that opening you

guys see there on the left-hand side but

we are going to the vents on the

right-hand side now i landed a little

short but no worries because you will

have an advantage if you are going to

this vent right here on the right side

and as soon as you go down you're gonna

see three openings you're gonna want to

go in this first opening right here

where there's a chest so you can get a

gun before anyone else then head on down

go ahead and get the chest under the

stair next just for some added

protection you may get a better gun or

even shield but once you're done with

that go ahead up the stairs through the

doors right over here and start killing

henchmen because you need to get these

henchmen out of the way because of the

fact they are carrying mini guns the

turret that you see right there can be

defended simply by putting up a stair or

a wall and Brutus is found in this

general area right here now in every

single previous game that I played

before this recording he was actually in

this room in this game he was not so I

did a quick little sweep around the area

and actually found him outside where

again as long as you're shooting the

bosses they will not

shoot back you have to be shooting them

or else you will get gunned down by the

minigun and it's especially faster and

any other vault because of the gun power

that the mini guns have but basically

after that guys you are indeed clear

make sure there are no players waiting

to send you back to the main menu and

open up the vault to a load of chests a

load of items a load of shield keep in

mind I even though I open the vault

insanely fast that you can probably open

it even faster if Brutus is in the

initial room you walk into but there's

that after you open your treasure pile

of items you can get even more loot as

you can see right here I have a pretty

good loadout but what I went ahead and

did as well was also exit out to the

right hand side and there is another

secret room that you can use a henchman

to scan open another chest and it was

definitely worth it here I would suggest

that after you guys are done looting the

grotto and looting the ball that you

exit the same way you came out through

the vent especially if the storm is as

far as mine was right here because it is

an easy rotation there's also a very

convenient location right outside of the

grotto that has boats and basically from

there you can rotate to anywhere on the

map with some of the best loot in the

game remember that ideally Brutus will

be in the first room you walk into which

means that you can open up the vault in

60 seconds and this blows every other

time out of the water because the

average player is landing at this

location killing henchmen looting and

trying to open up the ball and this

usually takes a whole storm circle to do

you can get in get out and be on your

way to take that victory royal if you

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