Jules, Mythic Grappler + Mythic Drum Gun Location in Chapter 2 Season 3 of Fortnite!

eris and acute and same machine new

gameplay of the updated mythic grappler

and updated music drum gun now you get

these from the tools plus at the

authority which you can see here I've

sometimes time something screening

earlier in the video over where I get

them exactly if it's not like straight

away unfortunately I can't cut these for

this up cuz it'll take too long to

render them so I try to get them all

done just in like one shot basically

which is difficult but easier than

wasting half an hour rendering every

single video now I'm already being shot

at here unfortunately it's just a pistol

somewhat so you can send but yeah the

layout of the authority is a very

similar to the layout of the agent which

obviously was serious location awesome

and the stools are gonna be spawning in

similar spots you can already see Oh

actually just dead center

I'm gonna have to get away from oh I

don't have enough armor ossicles

essentially and then Jules is right

around the corner you know just as

strong as Midas if not stronger I would

today I have had a lot of difficulty

killing that and it's probably like I

don't want a pretty exact number on it

basically I've dropped here a lot of

times tonight and not much to show for


there's someone in doubt with the tango

so I might waiting for me and a break in


so I should have this under control for

the murse but now I have one HP which

isn't good but I should have Myra would

just volunteer after actually this guy

right so I was gonna see Jules glider

gun Jules the drum gun and the authority


now I've got them the grappler has

insane right is gonna see if you

remember the Batman grappler from season

X I think it was it's basically the

exact same size this thing is I say like

I want to put a number on it once again

but it is all good a lot stronger then

the gravel from last season

carefully I can use on this guy yeah

and you can see just like that old maid

is not dead and I've got some mess I'm

gonna quickly met up and then I will

head over to the vaults here and open it

up for you guys yeah let me know what

you guys think this season Ambler I

absolutely love everything I haven't

found a single thing I don't like I

really liked the changing up with

shotguns once again I've seen a lot of

people like a really upset about the new

charged shotgun but I like it I think

it's a good change because it gets kind

of using the same shotguns like ten

seasons in a row

in my opinion at least but yeah the

range on this grapple gun is insane you

don't why the vault is in the same place

I believe um I just saw that look at the

do you get a custom glider when you see

this you get this owl which I believe is

like meant to be duals our creation type

thing because I was just an engineer or

mechanical something along these lines

but that's the cool thing I know

students to get a custom glider when

using this but the boat is just down

here just like at the agency gonna have

these annoying turrets to deal with but

yeah that is this place I'm gonna keep

recording for a bit it's all try to get

some more gameplay of these

but that's pretty much for the most part

we'll all there is to it

the vault in here hasn't really changed

at all although I think those of you

couple rapid-fire I said because I've

never paid too much attention to those

so I'm not entirely sure

Oh bolt-action sniper sir back there's

some good news

missing scar we don't need that we've

got the drum gun

it's also dis is called a glider gun not

a grappler everyone shouldn't call the

cop or anyway but officially it's called

the Equality gun now I'm hearing shots

over here I don't know thieves a

henchman of water okay someone's

building this is so much better than the

grapple off season and the grapple

offices and was like the best thing in

the game sir that's interesting stately

as soon as this okay I missed and what

is he shooting at that's my question

she's shooting at someone in there I

think I'll I just dropped that off there

because I got can play everything and

you guys also will obviously want to

like get into the games yourself and get

a feel for these drawn guns right some

of the last season

but he grappler was good a massive plus

I'm gonna try something if you use a

straight down what happens okay that

didn't work like a mother - I'll do the



okay um takeaways from that is I saw new

grappling guns are really cool

the gentleman's really enjoyed the video

if you found these for people like and

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properties tonight I've uploaded a lot

relating to the new season and all that

but um yeah that's it for now and I will

see you all next time

see ya