AMD Support: How To Install A Graphics Card

hey everyone i'm devon neff chuck i'm a

product manager here at AMD's graphics

product group and today I'm going to

show you just how easy it is to install

a new graphics card into your system

there might be some big games this

holiday season that you're looking

forward to like dirt to like Modern

Warfare 2 or Dragon Age Origins and a

new graphics card is the easiest way to

upgrade your system so it's ready to

play these games not only are these

graphics cards good for these games but

it's also good for general Windows 7

computer and experience such as

transcoding video for your portable

media player or just creating a great HD

media experience as you might have seen

my monkey friend I do a little bit

earlier it's very easy to install one of

these cards I'm just going to show you

the process in a bit more detail today

I'm going to assume you already have one

of these cards but if you don't just

check out the link below and we can get

you pointed in the right direction

so to get started all we really need is

a Philips screwdriver and your graphic

script so before you get started make

sure that you ground yourself before you

open up your PC you can do this by

touching any grounded metal object such

as a water tub also make sure that your

PC is shut down and that the power

switch is turned off the back of the

computer unplug all the cables

especially the power cord

so it's really easy to open up your

system with two simple screws on the

back you can take off your front cover

if you've had your PC a while it might

be a little bit dusty in there so people

vacuum cleaner handy if you want to if

you want to clean up the inside of your

case so here's the inside of our system

your system might not look identical but

it will share a lot of the same

components I'm going to give you a quick

rundown of all the major parts of the

system so you can identify in your in

your computer which part is which this

is the CPU under this fan the vertical

slots here of the memory you have the

hard drive over here and there's usually

an open slot for a graphic script so

this slot right here is called the PCI

Express slot and it's used for graphics

some motherboards have one two or even

more slots

so I have a few video cards here

for example this is one of our HD 5770 s

and this is an HD 3450 you know they're

they look quite a bit different just

like cars video cards come in all sorts

of styles some of them are much more

powerful and will require an external

power connector while other ones they're

quite as powerful don't require the

connector this right here is the PCI

Express interface that will go into the

slot that I showed you earlier

so first locate your PCI Express

graphics lab there may be some plates on

the back of your case that you'll need

to remove place the card in the slot and

push it down to secure it you may need

to also screw in your graphics chip

if your graphic card requires an

external power connector please make

sure that you have a 6-pin PCI Express

connector on your power supply you can

contact your system manufacturer or your

power supply vendor to verify this

simply plug the power connector into

your video card and install the video

card the same way as you did before

now they've installed your graphics card

replace the back panel on your case

remember to screw it in and reconnect

all the cables to the back the first

thing you need to do is reconnect to

your display connector this might be in

the position if you have a new video

card and did not have one before

reconnect all your peripherals including

your mouse on the keyboard and lastly

reconnect the power and turn your power

supply back on

in order to allow your new video card to

communicate with the Windows operating

system you need a special piece of

software called the driver this is

available either on the CD that you

received with your graphics card or from

our website simply click through the

install process and the drivers will be


click on finish' do one final reboot and

your drivers will be insult

as you can see a simple graphics kind

upgrade can make what you see and what

you do on your PC much better think

you're ready to try for yourself go to

the link below and you can compare

graphics cards find out which card is

good for you and get the best prices

hope this helps for AMD I'm deaf and

extra and I'll see you online