Where is The Grand Reef? Subnautica

hello welcome back to subnautica this

time I won't say name but someday ask me

where he can find a grand reef around

here where is the grand reef the answer

is right there

we can't island in front of the eyelid

is sparse reef where do you usually go

but behind the island and on the appeal

look from this view point of view it's

on the left side of the island but now

I'm asking what are you doing it I'd

like put five stop that get to the

island quick free calls free code to the

island I'll show you what's next at the

island so get there now we are at the

island behind our order away from the

lifeboat we are in front of the island

don't mix up this is the floating island

there are only two islands underwater

island and floating island that where is

the gun that's a mountain that's not an

island so don't go there and don't

comment on me I went to the wrong girl

and I thought where is the alien gun no

that's a mountain don't go there

get it right damn it okay we are at the

island as you can see we are at the

front of the island and I will show you

even with the proof that it's the grand

reef as you can see right here where the

cursor is it says sparse reef if you

look here all the time you will see to

change okay if you're pointing at the

island you need to go to the left there

is the grand reef if you're working at

the lifeboat 5 you

let's go there and look at the biomes

look how they will change behind the

island that is the grand reef see you're

already in the grand reef you didn't

even need to go that far behind there

under under the floating island that's

the grand reef that's what you've been

looking for all this time even if you go

in the middle of the island just down

that's it that's grand reef that's what

you've been looking for all this time

there you go there is your grand reef in

its full glory if you need coordinates

then as you can see I have the in force

up here so it's minus six hundred


minus 212 and minus 1085 there you go I

hope this helped you and you found a

grand reef thank you for watching I hope

I'll see you next video bye bye

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