This Place is AMAZING! | Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

hey team for the next week I'm gonna be

spending my time here in Arizona

specifically at the Grand Canyon as well

as some other really amazing hot spots

with the Sony team I am part of the Sony

Alpha team and I'm here with other

amazing photographers and videographers

and we're going to be exploring this

area right now we're staying at the

Yavapai Lodge for a couple of nights and

exploring the Grand Canyon I'm so pumped

I am currently walking the room trail on

my way to see the Grand Canyon the Grand

Canyon I have never seen it before it's

on my bucket list I feel like it's on

everyone's bucket list so I'm super

super pumped to be here you're

approaching incredible view

I'm often asked the question how do you

balance between filming and taking

photos and actually just really enjoying

the moment for yourself and you travel

this is what idea I first see something

I put down the cameras I have it out or

I just don't bring it out at all and I

really soak in the experience that first

moment sometimes will actually have the

camera on and I'll kind of like have it

to my side so I'm not focusing looking

in the camera it's just kind of like a

little little parrot on my shoulder just

watching the view as I am but most of

the time I'll just take in that first

moment for myself and then I'm able to

share and reflect with my experience

with you guys afterwards so many times

people come to locations like this and

they don't even really look got it

really soak it in to get the full

experience just be present and that's it

just sit and be present and appreciate



waking up at 4 a.m. is totally worth it

when you get to see now I'm gonna stop

this time last I'll take some photos

because the light is just experience

it's awesome little nippy this morning

but worth getting for them absolutely so

many good job look at that lens oh yeah

100 it up the compression of this is

unbelievable and yeah what a perspective

zooming in trying to get the sense of

scale of this place play yeah nothing

does it justice you'll see behind me

there is a pyramid like rock formation

it's called Vishnu it's named after the

indian god vishnu and all these other

specific rock formations scattered along

behind me are named after Indian gods

what I just learned that's super cool

about the Grand Canyon in specific areas

different rock formations are named

after different gods of different

religions so it's celebrating all

different types of religion


we're hiking the stunning

Kaibab trail which means Mountain lying

down in the piling which is one of the

tribal languages from the tribes people

that live here and I mean wow the colors

aren't real there's like reds oranges

and yellows and browns and purples and

magentas and greens and oh it's like a

photograph or a photographer

photographer and videographers dream


okay so here we have some fossils in the

side of the Grand Canyon this is called

a brachiopod right here looks like a

seashell you can also see what are

called sea sponges these are basically

ancient coral reef that are now 7,000

feet above the surface of the oceans

crazy to think that this was below water

these rocks were actually underwater and

here's the proof right here just to give

you guys a perspective like look how

high up we are and this all used to be

underwater this rock here is about 265

million years old but the rock down

there is 1.7 billion years old that's

like a third of the Earth's age it's

been here for so long and knows so much

it seems so much have you found any

dinosaurs so I've never found a dinosaur

fossil here in the Grand Canyon yeah but

when I work for the Park Service in

what's called the Petrified Forest

National Monument we found what's called

adlai Pass or stair which is one of the

very beginning or very first dinosaurs

they were very small they were kind of

like a little mini t-rex so they had

little arms and big legs and big teeth

for a little dinosaur

this dinosaur in Jurassic Park it is so

if you've seen Jurassic Park it's where

Newman from Seinfeld is trying to escape

the island with all the embryos and that

little dinosaur comes up with the

and we found it in a dry wash when I was

walking the dry wash GPS sings what are

called tamara trees the partner i left

actually tripped and fell over the

tailbone no this is the lipo soros that

was sticking up out of the ground

and we got to dig it all out and put it

into a plaster cast and help the park

paleontologists put it onto the flatbed

truck and everything we got it all right

so we got a bear slingshot check the

wind here for the bears and we got a



Native Americans dangers we're heading

out doused rooms pulling right now baby

it's getting bumpy a little bit here


we're in this crazy adventure mobile

that's the only way you can get through

this desert is so bumpy probably not the

best thing for me to be in right now

with the baby in my belly and I have to

pee too as you can see I'm not in the

vehicle because it's so freakin bumpy

and I really don't want to be in there

pregnant so I'm walking also the benefit

of the others ahead means I can pee and

no one's gonna see so excuse me

why do that so after that hour and a

half of stream bumpiness this is where

we arrived not bad not bad it's actually

incredibly stunning




do you think it's the most amazing thing

I've ever seen honestly I feel so small

I'm like 63 and just standing here I

feel so humbled absolutely amazing


like for real

yeah seriously how they fall in line no

isn't this just like a photographer's

dream all the textures and yeah it's so

amazing like it's it's kind of

overwhelming like I don't even know

where to start in a way because there's

so many endless composition that's just

incredible everything about it is

beautiful the shapes the textures the

colors so curvy



we're at upper antelope canyon now and I

think it's gonna be a little busier here

and I can see why you guys enjoying this

no yeah yeah yeah so ugly

oh why would they take us here


we have this wicked vehicle open-air

vehicle on a very windy day horseshoe





it's little anyone but wow we are at

Horseshoe Bend and it is probably my

favorite spot we've been to let's go

down get an even closer look but not too

close I don't want to die


you want to go this is so windy right