Grand Canyon National Park - why YOU SHOULD visit the NORTH RIM

nobody is


welcome back to the other side in this

video we're going to be exploring grand

canyon national park i cannot believe

i'm saying that because it's definitely

been on my bucket list

anna went there when she was younger but

she doesn't really remember so it's new

to us both on the drive

in yesterday we actually saw something

terrifying we saw the aftermath of a

massive wildfire about 30 minutes

outside the park

in the drone footage i'm showing you you

can see half of the forest is burnt to

the ground and other half is lush green


for those of you that love the office i

just finished it last night in the hotel


very very sad if you do remember in the

office when will ferrell said the north

rim of the grand canyon is surrounded by

lush green forest he is not lying we are

surrounded by

massive green pines and some of these

trees are changing colors because it is

fall it's about

october 13th i think and the north room

actually closes the 15th so we only have

a couple days to explore


we're exactly 90 days in our usa road

trip let's put this into perspective we

made this van without a toilet

or a shower because we thought it was

only going to be two months kind of safe

to say that we're getting a little sick

of van life we're missing showers we're

missing a

toilet right by the bed at night because

yes i always have to pee in the middle

of the night

the one good thing about it i know there

probably shouldn't be a good thing about

it but she sees the most amazing start

and she's always like ian come outside

come out look at the stars we saw here

they're the best stars we've seen the

entire trip and they're at the grand


because there's nothing around for those

of you wondering where we're camping at

the grand canyon national park we're

actually in the park right now at this

roundabout we got a porta potty we got

some garbage and recycling

and this is where we slept last night no

one bothered us there's no no camping

signs so it doesn't seem like you can't

camp here and we have these tables to

work on

this is our jackery it's a portable

power station and

it's our lifeline we just used it to

make coffee and now i'm curling my hair

in the woods again kind of getting old

we're gonna actually do everything that

we want to do here in one day's time so

if you only have one day to visit the

grand canyon this video will be perfect

for you

today we're starting out our day with a

scenic drive


we're at point imperial it was 11 miles

into the scenic drive and we are in an

elevation of 8 800

feet and it's absolutely stunning ready

here comes our first big reveal

boom look at how massive this

is it's one of those places you need to

be here to really see how crazy it is

that right there is point imperial this


is the best view of the east canyon it

sure lives up to its reputation for

those of you that don't know a thing

about the grand canyon kind of like us

before we came is that the north rim is

the least visited part with only 10

of visitors every single year while the

south rim gets 90

of the 6 million visitors a year a big

difference and we could definitely tell

there's no one around we only see a

couple cars here and there

it's much more peaceful just how we like

it like anna said we're just reading

this helpful signs and the vermilion

cliffs are right there in the distance

you barely see him i'm going to zoom in

but right past the verbillion cliffs

are zion capital reef glen canyon and

arches national park we just finished up


national park and it was like disneyland

and disney world combined it was so

packed but nonetheless it was beautiful

if you want to watch that video it's

right up here

imperial point is an awesome place to

have lunch because there's nobody in

sight they have a lot of benches here so

there's an

amazing view that you can eat by and

also there's picnic tables right over

there so if you have a big family they

have a big setup for you we make a ton

of quinoa at once i make the whole bag

so that i don't have to cook anymore

like i used to cook every day on the

road and i'm sick of it so now we just

eat quinoa plain with hummus


now we are at the visitor center and

there's a trail right here that's only

half a mile called bright angel point

it's probably the best viewpoint the

reason i know that is because we did it

last night but we didn't show you guys

so today we'll show you we wanted to

come back during the day because

this sun at night time creates shadows

so you can't see one of the sides so

we're hoping during the day

some being directly above you can see a

really cool view of both sides

something really important here at the

grand canyon is the air quality when

there's pollution you can't really

see it as well they work really hard uh

with surrounding states to make sure

that air quality stays good for those

who want to see the grand canyon


we're at a very awesome viewpoint i

think it's the best one we found on the

entire trail

it looks really sketchy from the side i

think ian got a shot from me from the


but when you're on it straight on it's a

really big platform so it's not as scary

and that's the end of the trail right

there where you see a lot of people on

that tall rock over there but we chose

over here because there's less people

covered and covered yeah and this like

are you kidding me

if you want to do one trail here at the

north rim of the grand canyon

definitely do bright angels point it's

super fast and it has some of the most

amazing views of both sides of the

canyon but we suggest coming at noon

because the sun's up the lights hitting

both sides and you can see them

perfectly clear

next up we have kbob trail let's do it


last trail of the day we're doing is

called north kebab trail it's the only

maintained trail down into the canyon i

think we're only about to do 1.5 mile

round trip so

not too bad but still the altitude's

gonna make us tired


there's so much poop it's mule poop

i think the big thing anna and i are

thankful for right now is that we came

in one of our favorite times which is

fall and the colors going

the fall colors are making our trip that

much more special because

honestly we didn't even know if we're

gonna get to see the leaves change this

year and

having different colors with the green

and the canyon it's really magical

hey if you have vacation time in october


we have made it down probably 0.8 miles

to the coconino viewpoint and

wow where semi in the canyon you could

really see

the walls yeah people do that trail all

the way down there

zoom in a little bit but trail goes

right through that canyon


we just saw some mules and we learned

something today in order to breed a mule

you need a female horse

and a male donkey it can't be the other

way around or it's not called a mule

it's called something else a honey it's

called a honey the other way around

we're gonna end our hike at coconino

overlook you can continue on

there's other things to see along this

trail but we know it's a very vigorous

hike up so we're gonna head out now

because it's getting dark and we're


we were just driving i was like oh my

god oh my god bison i had no idea the

grand canyon bison look at that

there is nothing more pretty than bison

with this fall color it's unbelievable

that is the coolest thing look at those



what a great way to end our day here at

grand canyon national park

i can't believe we saw buffalo i didn't

think that was even a possibility but

what a great surprise

right now we're having something called

a smorgasbord smorgasbord

is a little bit of everything we have

quinoa kale onion tomato

egg hummus and then some oil and vinegar

we just put it all in a bowl


we hope you enjoyed watching us at the

grand canyon before we go though we want

to show you something that we have never

showed you before and that's

how we set up our bed for night time

last night it was

a reason cold below 30 and ian and i

have to snuggle that's how we keep warm

we do have a thermal sleeping bag we

never pull it out it seems to do the

trick cuddling so if you're alone

sorry if you have another person make

sure to snuggle up first thing we do

before bedtime is wipe down with baby

wipes if we can't find a shower which we

usually don't is all we have to do so we

wipe down

kind of do everywhere you can and this

kind of makes you feel semi-clean

so we already moved everything before we

had dinner but basically what we do is

there's some stuff

on our bed during the day for example

these hats are hanging by my side and

i don't want them when i'm sleeping so

we just put everything up here

and then like my backpack when we're too

lazy to go put it up we put everything

up here so the bed's nice

and ready for us we've shown you these

in other videos we

cut out insulation to put up as our


and usually they're always up in our car

but you don't see the ones

in the front so we make sure to put this

up and one out in the front so we have

some privacy at night these things are

velcro so it's easy to take them

up and down every single day once we

have the bed situated we'll get in

i'll usually like not be ready for bed

yet i'll have to wipe down

i take my shoes off we always keep one


open either the passenger side or the

driver's side whichever one we're


the reason we keep one side open is of

course to go to the bathroom during the

night or to even change or clean off

now we're in the bath we keep our lights

on we watch

tv on our ipad we were watching the

office but we finished so now we're on

to friends i think ian already told you

that i have a candle i am obsessed with


so that was one of my birthday presents

for me and so we like that at night

and then we always have a yogurt for

dessert i don't know why we started this

he and i have big sweet tooths and we

were eating candy a lot so we decided to

switch to yogurt every night and then

ian always says peanut butter and that's


that's all we do it's a simple life cup

hopefully that helps some of you guys

out there wondering about our routines

on the road

if you guys enjoyed this video or got

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see you in the next one

next time on the other side in this

video we are going to be doing all

things around the page arizona area

heading towards the most famous spot

here in lake powell which is

antelope canyon this should be on

everyone's bucket list this is amazing

we're going mountain biking around lake

powell these are special bikes because

they're electric