Things to do at Grand Canyon National Park (SOUTH RIM)

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In the last video we talked about things that you can do

over at Grand Canyon West and in this video we are talking

all about the South Rim, aka Grand Canyon National Park.

If you don't happen to know what either the West

or the South Rim is, don't even know that there are

different rims of the canyon, then we highly suggest

checking out this video right here where we talk about

the difference between the West and the South Rim

and help you decide which one is best for you to visit.

Let's go ahead and jump right in on

what you can do at the South Rim.

So just to be clear, because there is a lot to do

over at the Grand Canyon, we're actually going to

be going over the major points of interest and highlights

that you can actually see and visit,

the places that are super accessible for everyone.

The majority of the South Rim is a national park,

meaning that it is government-owned land.

The South Rim has a variety of overlooks along with

a lot of architectural history dating

back all the way to the early 1900s.

There are also shuttle buses that run every

10 to 15 minutes or so and that are available

to take you from point to point.

Pretty great little amenity if you've been driving all day

and you don't really feel like driving and parking.

So I'll start off with Mather Point.

Mather Point is just around the corner from

the Grand Canyon Visitor Center which is also

a really great place to start if you want to get

some more detailed info on the South Rim,

so good starting point overall.

Mather Point is a point on a trail that goes along the edge

of the canyon rim, also referred to as the Rim Trail.

You can actually take this trail all the way down

to Grand Canyon Village if you wanna take a little bit

more of the scenic route, otherwise you can also

hop on a shuttle bus to get there too.

But more on that in a bit, we'll get to

Grand Canyon Village, so make sure to stick around.

So Mather Point is basically a really popular lookout point

that I personally love and still haven't gotten tired of,

but it has extensive viewing areas

along with paved walkways and railed overlooks

that are all wheelchair accessible as well.

Not a lot of heavy labor involved,

but the views are absolutely incredible.

So it's really nice in that you don't have to do

a lot to get really great views of the canyon,

but we actually do have another video

that features a little bit more of Mather Point.

If you're interested in seeing that, go right here.

And if you do want a photo with the official

Grand Canyon National Park sign, I believe

Mather Point is the only place that has it,

so be sure not to forget about that on your way in or out.

So their really popular photo to take here is on top

of this big rock that's kind of just in the middle

of the main viewing area when you first walk in.

I guess it depends on where you come in from,

but if you're coming in from where the national park

sign is, and you just walk straight past it into

the big main viewing area that you first come across,

there is usually a line to take a picture at this rock

that's again, just in the middle of everything.

And the reason why it's so cool, 'cause if you

do it right, you can give the illusion that

you're standing on top of the Grand Canyon.

I kind of tried, honestly could have been better.

But if you guys end up going and taking a photo,

then tag us, because we would love to see

what you guys come up with.

Grand Canyon Village is seriously so cool,

especially if you're a history buff or just have

an appreciation for history and architecture,

because this place is loaded with it all,

and of course breath taking views, seriously.

Because there is so much going on in Grand Canyon Village,

we are actually going to be dedicating a whole

separate video just on Grand Canyon Village itself.

We of course will still cover it right now,

but if you want to get more in depth info on it,

then make sure you're subscribed to our channel

so if it hasn't come out yet, you can watch it when it does.

But going back to if you're a history buff,

you're definitely gonna wanna check out Bright Angel Lodge.

It's a lodge that was built in 1935, and there is this room

in there called the History Room, which showcases

a lot of work from master architect Mary Colter.

Grand Canyon Village is also built along the rim,

so it is part of the Rim Trail, remember,

we talked about that earlier, so what's really nice

about that too is that you can just walk along the rim

of the canyon, and just get a bunch of

different perspectives and views on the canyon.

Because honestly, no two views are the same.

So we actually wanna cut to a little clip right here

of one of our awesome trolley drivers, Mike,

over out at the South Rim, talking about

one of his personal favorite tips for getting

a great photo out at Grand Canyon Village.

- As you are facing across the Grand Canyon, if you look up

the hill to your right, you will see a big brown building.

Now to the left of that building as you're facing it,

there's a flag pole.

If you walk directly up to that flag pole,

it'll take you about eight minutes or less.

Once you get up to that flag pole,

those are the best photos you can get anywhere

in the whole Grand Canyon.

At that flag pole it actually opens up to a panoramic view,

so when you take photos it will be 18 miles across

to the other side, about 6,000 feet straight down,

but at that flag pole, there will be 45 to 50 miles

down the canyon as it winds down.

You can get some great pictures today, guys.

- Other things to check out in the Grand Canyon Village

include the Hopi House, Mary Colter's lookout studio,

the Kolb Studio, and the El Tovar Hotel.

And of course another major thing that you can

and should do at the Grand Canyon when you're out there

is to take a magnificent, awe-inspiring helicopter flight.

The Grand Canyon is so vast, so spectacular,

and there are all these different incredible views

that you can get while you're out there,

but nothing will ever compare to soaking it all in

from the best seat in the house, the sky.

The wrap around glass design of our Eco Star helicopters

really helps you get to the best view that you can get

of any aircraft or helicopter.

Seriously, the really big benefit of being able

to experience the Grand Canyon from the perspective

of a helicopter is that you'll have the opportunity

to see some of the most remote and untouched parts

of the Grand Canyon that you really wouldn't

be able to access otherwise.

You get to see the South and the North Rim all

in one sitting, this also includes

the Kaibab National Forest, which is

the world's largest Ponderosa pine forest.

You'll see the Colorado River, and the Dragon Corridor,

which is the widest and deepest part of the canyon.

The Desert View Watchtower.

So if you're looking at the South Rim map,

it's actually on the opposite side of Grand Canyon Village.

It's located east on what's known as Desert View Drive,

which is a really beautiful scenic drive that is definitely

worth checking out if you're taking your own vehicle.

So this is a 70 foot watchtower that is located on the rim

of the canyon, and it also has an observation deck.

It was designed by Mary Colter, and it reflects

the architecture of the ancient Puebloans.

You can actually go inside the tower

and see 100 miles across the canyon on a clear day.

So that's definitely not a complete list

of everything that you can do at the Grand Canyon,

just about the most popular highlights

and things that you can do out there, so if you

have just started in your research and planning, hopefully

we gave you a great place or a solid place to start.

If we did try to cover everything, then trust me,

this video would just not end.

And if you want even more insight on more things

that you can do at the Grand Canyon, then be sure

to check out these videos right here.

Happy planning, and have an amazing time out there.