Going to the "GOOD LUCK CHARLIE" House!!!!


starting walking directions to 501

Palmetto Drive


haha welcome to oh my god I'm so fucking

loud anyway Thomas a coil so today for

our lovely adventure family-friendly we

are going to go to the good luck charlie

house Oh a pair of white people like us

always seen for many years there good

luck charlie

family don't get just want it to be just

like them all the privileged I'm julissa

by the way if you didn't know black but

white and Spanish it's a combo I command

a great big happy meal yummy

you're gonna slurp that up now mr. cool

all booty oh oh oh my god her booty

halsy that's all lady your booty hole is

bigger than mine they're gonna come for

head all right Oh see you along or

whatever Oh finally you're here bitch

you got a dollar so I could buy it

slushy so I can look at a slushie come

on I sit right there give me your dollar

I see it right there give it give me

your dollar

you got a dollar come on I see right


switch Oh a venti yes we should get out

before they come shoot us now hmm you'll

get shot it was at this moment that it

she knew she fucked up jealous so we're

here who got a dollar oh shit

crackhead hi right now I'm currently

taking one of the fucking biggest shits

of my life and it hurts

jalisa we're here look ho Meadow Drive

oh my god it's me my future job

okay so we turn here is this really

where it is yeah are you gonna murder me

here huh with a joke I'm gonna throw my

cup into the bush are you ready sure oh

my god serious I can't wait to watch

these when I'm 40 oh my god that's oh my

god that's um

good luck charlie


Wow it doesn't look like oh it doesn't

this show so sad yeah very anti-climatic

yeah just imagine the camera shot





good luck charlie Donna Anna again


I look terrible and greasy shut the fuck


I met them good luck charlie house don't

wish I'm not gonna kill me oh my god oh

my god wait a minute you are a dollar

bitch give me your dollar good luck

charlie oh my god

good luck charlie um

Charlie if you're gonna get pregnant get

pregnant outside the house wait for

condom it's time to show you

oh my god today was such a good day

morning charlie

you drink to hell we going straight to


no I burned our Bible once and all oh my

god um okay

spirit dare chapter four if she belonged

to the streets that is worship oh my god

a Shane Dawson series


okay let's leave yeah I gotta get out I

gotta get out I can't do this anymore I

can't know that anyone's game this is

the hard part

Oh Oh to get up high okay so after

riding in that car and almost getting

fucking lost in the street we're here a

grad school Amman learning is this way

education is this careers tobacco drugs

go lighter some crackhead asked us for a

lighter even though we're held a nearly

sixteen nearly six class so fucking


my teachers amazed

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amen anyways