TDW 1254 - The Golden Girls House : TV Filming Location

welcome everyone Adams the Wu here

standing in the middle of the road I

have to be very careful where I walk

because there is a head a head in the

road there is a head there is a head get

it there is a head in the road it's my

second channel day leave our channel

it's the daily Wu am i back in Florida

I'm getting these Florida vibes because

the filming location that I'm going to

show you from a classic television show

that was actually based supposedly in

Miami they have pulled the wool over our

eyes those Hollywood TV execs and the

house that I'm going to show you that

was supposedly in Miami shared by a

group of women is actually located right

here in Los Angeles California in 1985

the show debuted and it ran for seven

powerhouse seasons I'm talking about the

golden girl certainly you have heard the

theme song and probably seen the show

thank you for being a friend but the

actual house is right here off of this

road in Los Angeles California and I

would actually like to show you where

the house is now what it looks like

currently looks very similar to how it

looked in the actual TV show actually

pretty much identical don't believe me

decide for yourself right now as we

actually gasp our eyes upon this shunka

cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo come

come thank you for being a friend thank

you for subscribing to this channel look

at that that is the house

from the Golden Girls it looks pretty

much much exact as it did in the TV show

that is absolutely amazing I'm almost

ready for Betty White to come out pick

up the morning paper with her coffee and

go back inside but that is not going to

happen because they actually did not

film the actual interiors inside of this

house this was actually used as the

exterior x' and a weird little twist on

this fact is the fact that in florida at

the former MGM studios now Hollywood

studios they used to have a back lot and

they actually recreated this house

exactly the facade for other exterior

shots so is very bizarre they used for

the first couple of seasons they

actually use this house in Los Angeles

then they went to Orlando and film the

exteriors on the MGM back lot which has

now been bulldoze it no longer exists

but this house still looks the same and

still exists in Los Angeles that is

super super cool take a look at this a

little moment of quietness now here on

the sip semi busy road kind of off the

beaten path near Beverly Hills Hollywood

area this house is kind of lying dormant

and secretive right here and it's

protected of course by ACS security so

if we go on the property if we set foot

on the property either a guy will yell

at us which is what happened a few days

ago or the alarm system will alarm and

maybe Roo clan him come running out and

wielding her paper and beating us over

the head saying get lost get lost you

young whippersnappers anyway so that's

about it

pretty cool leave some comments down

below about what your favorite Golden

Girls episode is and I will see you guys


good bye