Gold Coast Australia Travel Tour Guide 2020 4K


everybody this is Jeff with

islandhoppper TV and today I'm coming to

you from Gold Coast here in Queensland

Australia so this is Surfers Paradise

where we're starting out all right so

this is my one hundred dollar hotel room

which is pretty much on par with the

average during the Gold Coast here we go

my view

show you guys other side here just like

an apartment so a pretty good price for

my bucks pretty good value another

balcony right here there you go okay and

here's a look at a $60 a night apartment

there's the bedroom there's the bathroom

I don't think we need to spend too much

time over here but you get the point

and then the living room and kitchen

pretty good

I guess that's $68 tonight this one does

not have a balcony though there's the

pool and I'm gonna walk you down to the

beach you can see this is a very modern

relaxed beach community kind of like a

Waikiki in a way except instead of

facing South West it faces east look at

this so if you're excited about seeing

Gold Coast crush up the likes and let's

get started

this sand look at the Sam this is some

of the silkiest white sand

this is just like Waikiki

but maybe even more interesting

it's great because this they don't have

like bars in the party area here it's

more like relaxation

maybe my enemies

there's no swimming flags

two down here

damnit I am tennis shoes


that's freaking amazing let's see unfold

it is



it's pretty nice people

anyways let's go walk around some more

areas and keep this tour going downtown

really gets going during holidays in the

weekend you have an Italian restaurant a

Greek restaurant over there you have

some clauses and some hotels and

condominiums but uh this is Albert

Avenue right here if you want to look it

up come down here

Mandor I'm actually going to get a gear

you got Mickey D's over there which

I can do without

right now I'm gonna get some good food

let's see if I could get a meat pie

maybe is one of the Australian


specialties a meat pie but

maybe I'll do some Turkish cuisine are

you open oh my gosh

great I want a lunch yes one people okay

you can see

in Turkish Reid

this is another area that's really

popular to check out this is called

Surfers Paradise the main drag right

here right along the tram station but

right here you have the skyPoint

observation then go all the way to the

top and get a great view

the Gold Coast you go that way you have

indoor skydiving and some other hotels

and condominiums and just nightlife and

bars and whatever you need right down

that way and Gold Coast

all right everybody this is the Nehring

river kind of just meanders around here

creating this marshy swampland you can

see there's some boats ferry systems

going on here like you have SeaWorld

Cruises just along this river bank here

actually animals in the water such as

bull sharks believe there's even

crocodiles in here you just don't know

what's in there so it's probably not the

best river to swim in it's a little bit

rainy today but yeah the SeaWorld

cruises you can do sightseeing whale

watching it's also the SeaWorld ferry

Windham cruises Surfers Paradise and


now we're going to walk Capitol Avenue

is actually one of the main

well look at this didgeridoo there's a

big old didgeridoo Aborigines make music

with that and so yeah we're going to go

on Capitol Avenue

one of the main

things you'll do when you come here this

is infinity

seen that

like amusement park place over here okay

this place right here has a funny name

condom Kingdom it's like a store if

you're into that kind of stuff go on

down to that condom Kingdom

look at this little small

relax is Irish


it's been raining grizzly like the last

two hours in that

come on to Castle Avenue

at the billabong store which believe

Billabong is an Australian brand so is

Rip Curl and also Quicksilver I think

they even come from the Gold Coast or


just imagine what it would be like when

the sun's actually out

it'll happen

Ripley's gonna turn on his name

my rock cafe

I take this road all the way down I go

to Surfers Paradise Beach

that's a nice shirt oh my gosh

fabric is as well I'm gonna have to get

that shirt

it's a good shirt

Moe is in the market for good shirt

drive through the speed knowing that

people are walking that's funny

it's a funny thing to do

alright this time zone place right here

is actually pretty popular

what exactly is it I don't know but

I know it's pretty happier

yeah that time zone places where you

want to go

you got kids or you like exciting

eliminated paste

the blocker


is it near 30th

not the best day for swimming

mr. chips


even though there's rain people are

still down at the beach way more people



the next seven days

scheduled rain here


right everybody thanks for watching

and we will see you on the next episode