we're off to the desert to visit the

Gila River Arena this is rinks around a

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hey there and welcome back to ring Swan

a league I'm your host Jeff Nash and on

today's episode we're after the Gila

River arena in Glendale Arizona home of

the Arizona coyotes struction of gila

river arena started back on April 3rd

2002 and it opened on December 26 2003

at a cost of two hundred and twenty

million dollars the rink was publicly

financed and is owned by the city of

glendale financing by the city of

glendale looked like this thirty million

dollars in general obligation bond

funding and 150 million and excise tax

funding which would be repaid through

revenue generated directly from the

project seating capacity seventeen

thousand one hundred twenty five naming

rights were obtained in 2014 by Gila

River casinos but terms and finances

were not disclosed average secondary

market ticket pricing ranks them twenty

eighth in a league at $95 a scoreboard

measures twenty four by four to two feet

speaking of that scoreboard it was

installed prior to the 2018-19 NHL

season although it's not a brand new

scoreboard that's because it's the old

scoreboard of the Detroit Pistons of the

NBA the scoreboard was installed in the

palace in Detroit but with the

construction of Little Caesars Arena the

Pistons moved to the new rink

it was because of this that the City of

Glendale and AEG decided to purchase and

replace the out-of-date scoreboard that

hung inside Gila River arena now the

rink is located right beside the

University of Phoenix football stadium

which is home of the Arizona Cardinals

of the NFL now the rink has a lot to

offer even though it's a little ways

from downtown Phoenix there's a lot of

shopping restaurants around the rink for

some pregame fun now there's a lot of

history politics and controversy that

surround the Arizona coyotes ever since

they came down from Winnipeg in 1996 but

we're not really gonna dive into it that

much but I'll include links down below

for you to catch up on all that for the

terms of the rink there's lots to like

it's very clean and modern as a pretty

simple design it has a large upper Bowl

and a pretty moderate sized lower bowl

outside they have a really nice

courtyard surrounded with restaurants

and bars during the game they have the

classic coyote howl that they do after

every goal and if you're lucky enough to

catch playoff hockey at Gila River Arena

they'll also do the white out which of

course pays homage to the Winnipeg Jets

where the team originated before moving

to Arizona in 1996 so there's plenty to

like is there anything I don't like

about this ring

now the rink is pretty nice and simple

and clean but that's about it

other than the addition of the new

scoreboard there's

bells & whistles about this ring there's

no banners in the rafters there's no

distinguishable features about this ring

that sets it apart from the rest of the

league they also have small crowds

attendance has always been an issue in


now much like other rinks with small

crowds they do have a very passionate

fan base but let's face it a large

portion of the crowds are canadians

traveling there for the winter and

cheering on their teams like the Oilers

flames and Canucks but that's about it

there's nothing that really takes this

rink to the top of the league in

conclusion the Gila River arena is an

ice rink and it's surrounded by lots of

shopping restaurants and bars but their

low attendance its lackluster design a

lack of character Frank sit low in the

league but the cheap and plentiful

tickets make it a destination for

out-of-town hockey fans trying to escape

those brutal kadian winters that does it

for this episode of bring ston a league

on the next episode we're off to the PPG

paints arena in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

home and the Pittsburgh Penguins as

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and ring that Bell I never forget we

were in this elevator in Arizona and on

the side of the elevator they have the

floor so there's like main concourse

event level upper concourse and his

family walked in and this little kid

asked the rink staff to please press

upper class for the upper concourse I

thought that was pretty fun