Where is the Garden of Eden? | Spotlight on History | The Location of the Garden of Eden

the Garden of Eden is the first location

mentioned in the Bible and is the

backdrop for one of the most iconic

histories of the Bible the lives of Adam

and Eve and their fall from grace

whether or not you believe this to be

true history or a purely symbolic or

legendary account it seems undeniable

that the Bible itself treats the garden

as a real place the garden is said to

have been located in the land called

Eden which was in the east the Bible

names for rivers that watered the garden

the other lands that these rivers flowed

to and even what some of those lands

were famous for this garden in Eden had

a real location there are two basic ways

that interpreters have dealt with these

physical descriptors the first takes the

text seriously and uses the Tigris and

Euphrates rivers today as a place to

begin these rivers maintain their

ancient names and by and large still

follow the same course beginning in the

mountains of Turkey joining together in

modern Iraq and then emptying into the

Persian Gulf in this scenario the

location of the Garden of Eden is

believed to be in the now flooded

northern section of the Persian Gulf

Genesis 2 verse 10 says a river watering

the garden flowed from Eden from there

it was separated into four headwaters

this is interpreted as meaning that four

rivers joined into one and then that one

river flowed through the garden and

emptied into the Gulf interestingly

there are candidates for the other two

rivers the guy Han is identified with

the DES and Charon rivers that flow

through western Iran and still meet up

at the Tigris Euphrates Genesis links

this guy Han River with the land of cush

which in this view is tied to the casts

i'ts in 1994 satellite radar images of

northern Arabia revealed a long dried

river that provides evidence for a

possible Python River in Genesis this

river Python is connected to the land of

havilah and it's abundant gold this

dried-up river flowed from western

arabia that had ancient gold connections

and may be identifiable as hvala it

flowed east towards the Tigris and

Euphrates whom it joined before flowing

into the Persian Gulf the second view

also takes the text seriously but in

it's Genesis 2 in light of Noah's Flood

if the Bible is accurate and this flood

was a global event then the landscape in

which the Garden of Eden existed is no

more there's no real way of telling how

much the geography of the world changed

our mountains canyons rivers and gulfs

now how they were before the flood it's

unknown how then does this theory

account for the Tigris and Euphrates

still existing the survivors of the

flood rebuilt and named their new


after what once was