Gallbladder and the Human Body


let's take a closer look at the

gallbladder and talk about its function

so dr. ramos can you start off by

talking about how this organ it works

and its purpose in our body so so the

gallbladders uh it's a small organ its

purpose is to store the bile that's made

in the liver and the bowels purpose is

to help us in food digestion

specifically fats okay now is it

connected to the liver though it's

definitely connected to the liver in

this image we can't really see the liver

but these these ducts are are receiving

bile from the liver which is being

concentrated into the gallbladder and

eventually a gallbladder treats it into

the common bile duct okay now what about

the pancreas it's connected to the

pancreas as well correct definitely they

they both drain into the common bile

duct the pancreas drain secretions that

also help in food digestion okay now

someone's having issues with their

gallbladder based on this image that we

have what are we seeing well this is

just a basic image right um when there's

issues with the gallbladder for example

you start accumulating gall stones the

gall stones can impinge right here in

the duct and the gall bladder can become

swollen and patients start getting

symptoms including pain rights nausea

vomiting etc but since they also they

can also drain out into the common bile

duct this can also lead to pecker

tightness which is a much more serious