What is your funny bone?

So a lot of people will be aware of that horrible sensation when you hit the

medial aspect of your elbow here and you get that tingly feeling all the way down

your arm into these two fingers. The elbow joint itself is made up of three

different bones we've got our humerus here, we've got our radius and we know

it's the radius because it radiates out of our forearm and we've got the ulnar. So

when you hit your funny bone what you're actually hitting is this structure

here this is called the medial epicondyle of the humerus hence the name

funny bone. There's a little nerve that runs behind that and that's called the

ulnar nerve so when you hit this structure here this medial epicondyle what

you're actually doing is trapping that ulnar nerve between the skin and this

bony structure here. What we can see here is the skin of the hand and

everyone will be familiar with the little finger here and then the ring

finger next to it. So what I'm going to do now is just to remove that skin. This is the

bone here this is the radius and this is the ulnar and we go our humerus up here

and this is the ulnar nerve and you can see how closely associated the ulnar

nerve is with the epicondyle of the humerus. So if we hit this medial

epicondyle we're going to trap this all ulnar nerve which is in yellow here

between the skin and the medial epicondyle and that's going to send

tingling sensations all the way down our arm.