I'm eating Aiko's yogurt trying to get

in touch with my inner Stamos my inner

John Stamos because we're in San

Francisco the setting of the beloved

family sitcom full house and we have a

full day ahead of us we're gonna try and

find every San Francisco filming

location as seen in the opening credits

season 1 through 8



our first shot is right here the Golden

Gate Bridge this bridge is seen at the

start of every full house episode

seasons 1 through 8

this iconic bridge was 50 years old when

Full House premiered the golden gate is

a one and a half mile suspension bridge

which connects San Francisco to Marin

County and without further suspense

let's go on to our next location


in the opening credits of season 1 & 2

only you will see this large Fisherman's

Wharf sign it looks like a big captain's

will this has not changed since 1987 you

will also see Danny and his two girls DJ

and Stephanie walk right down the road

past this building I know it was this

building because in the unaired pilot we

use a wider shot of this scene showing

who are dinos restaurant



it's pretty awesome that bargainers is

still here but actually it's been here

since 1908 in fact all these places have

been here forever


since 1927 since 1934

since 1925



but one thing that did change was the

actor who played Danny Tanner if you

look closely the guy in the San

Francisco seems in season 1 & 2 is not

Bob Saget

he's a poser I mean literally the guy's

name is John Posey he played Danny

Tanner in the unaired pilot but for

whatever reason lost the role you are




I'm pretty sure this is the correct pier

there are a lot of small piers like this

but this one also has the right angle of



what is it with everybody putting locks

on gates nowadays this is not the love

lock bridge from Paris I thought you

were supposed to leave your heart in San

Francisco not your lock I love my

in San friends

doesn't have quite the same ring to it

the next be seen for not shot in San

Francisco they're actually shot in Los

Angeles let's go there now

welcome to Griffith Park we are about

530 miles away from San Francisco and

this is the park that was used in the

intro to full house you'll see Uncle

Jesse DJ and uncle Joey running down

this hill you'll also see the top of

that building peeking over the hill the

cameras panning back as they run down

the hill


and here's what it's like to run down

the hill from full house and

first-person the part where they're

playing soccer happened somewheres right

around here you'll notice in the intro

we'll see the cars parked up on the hill


and here's the area where Danny gets

ditched when a cute girl walks by and

uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse take off

after the girls


notice this tree right here it has that

curve in it you'll see that tree in the

intro you'll also see the tree behind it

it has a slight curve


our next scene is right here

DJ Stephanie and Michelle ride straight

up this road it would have been very

difficult to find this street but in the

scene you see a cable car go behind them

so that helped me narrow it down a

little bit


this building on the left is still some

kind of parking garage

these buildings on the right still look

the same


the next scene though is only used in

the season 1 opening credits they shot

up Danny on a bike with Michelle on the

back fighting right down a very empty

Lombard Street


there it is the Tanner home



check out the sign this year to all the

fans of Full House / boiler house we

love you but please respect our nice

neighbors and our quiet Street no double

parking no loitering the loud

be quick and courteous don't make anyone

say how rude everybody wants their

picture with the full house house what's

awesome is Jeff Franklin the creator of

full house and fuller house bought the

house about a year ago and he was stored

it into his full house glory just a

couple years ago this house was purple

for the show fuller house the use of

facade of the family's home which I got

to see when taking the Warner Brothers

tour here's a picture of the facade so

at the end of the credits this is the

shot you see so after seasons 1 through

3 four seasons for the entire cast came

back to San Francisco to shoot new



they placed a prop bench in front of

this bench this is where John Stamos is

playing guitar probably getting ready

for a Jesse and the rippers gig the

building behind where John Stamos is

sitting is Ghirardelli chocolate factory


could make you laugh I talk forever




this is where Danny Tanner was washing

his car and it's fitting that Danny was

washing his car because if you remember

Danny tanner is a neat freak right over

his shoulder is the Northern Pacific

steamboat which is on the Haight Street

Pier the pier is blocked off so I can't

get down to the exact location but this

is the pier where Joey takes off his

sunglasses back at ghirardelli square at

one time this whole flowerbed was full

of roses and this is where Lori Loughlin

smells some roses and then is enjoying

the fresh San Francisco sea air




then you see the whole cast right a

cable car up Hyde Street and get off at

Lombard Street

we're back at Lombard Street again this

house right here still Brown this one

still the same shape but under

construction right now



and finally the last shot that you see

in the credits of season 4 is this

iconic shot of the whole family having a

picnic at Alamo Square in the background

of the Victorian houses nicknamed the

Painted Ladies this is probably the most

iconic shot when people think of the

full house opening credits but it didn't

appear until season 4 Oh remember that

big blue house that Danny was washing

his car in front of there it is right

there just down the road

so those shots were used for seasons 4

through 7 then the entire cast came back

to San Francisco for the eighth and

final season


I seem like I'm super tired I am

I mean don't forget earlier today I snap

my fingers and I was in Los Angeles


John Stamos is right outside Coit Tower

standing right here trying to look quite

I mean cute next to his Mustang they've

added this black railing fence here that

wasn't here in 1995 but right over

John's shoulder you will see that thin

skinny building and these two buildings

right there

have mercy all right now we got to get

back down


have Morrissey back on Lombard Street

this time Danny Tanner is not riding a

bike down Lombard Street or riding a

cable car up near it he's actually

walking up it holding some groceries

what a good dad


back at ghirardelli square Dave Coulier

is rollerblading up this hill always

carries skates on you trust me on this


cut it out I didn't know uncle Joey knew

how to rollerblade Stephanie is walking

right down here by the beach so amazing

that these boats are still here in 2017


in season eight Andrea barber Kimmy

Gibbler - you and me finally gets to

come to San Francisco for the opening

and she's standing right about here

behind all that fog it's the Golden Gate

Bridge which you will see over Kimmy's

shoulder still at ghirardelli square the

shell is getting her portrait drawn and

with the two images of Michelle it

signifies the two actresses that played

her mary-kate and Ashley Olsen in season

four Lori Loughlin was down by

Ghirardelli Square but for season eight

she's right over here at Lands End


I was almost at my wit's end trying to

find this last location when I realized

it was Lands End


thank you for joining me on this full

house location adventure now I have a

full two hours to drive home if you

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