Terrible Footing Construction Was Not Even Below Frost Line!!!

so we are working on the front deck this

is my brother-in-law and Nate and

whenever your brother-in-law visits you

have to get out the shovels yes he's

very thankful to be here he travelled to

you all the way back on vacation all the

way from Alaska to come dig a hole in my

front yard but so these piers the

construction company we hired to add

this on here must have been you mustn't

feel a little tired or something when

they install these piers they're

supposed to be going down four feet and

you can see that they kind of missed

their mark when they put them in this

one's the worst this one looks like it

got pushed off but it actually was not

pushed off this is how they said it just

cuz I guess I didn't measure it out

right so what we were going to do we

talked to a contractor

my grandpa actually and he said dig down

around the outside of the pier and build

a form and add cement around it but this

is what happened Nate was digging down

he's like Ben this is getting kind of

wobbly and I was like well it should be

going down another two feet almost and

then it pretty much tipped over and you

can see why here now they only put this

footing in was that two and a half feet

almost not quite two foot four and a

half inches so I'm afraid we're gonna

have to abandon those and just put a new

take it's everything good summary

so we're gonna get some sonic - it's

just sonotubes SOA no tu PE and probably

gonna put 12-inch ones in we'll see here

but we painstakingly dug all the way

around the outside perimeter and then it

just tipped over in the end anyway I

guess how else would we have gotten it

out we could have yanked it out I guess

yeah we do have a back home would've

been pretty easy to do no so that's the

project we're working on everything ends

up being more involved than you think

it's going to be so is it just like that

in Minnesota or is it like that in

Alaska - so just been inside all right

we'll talk to you later