PSYCHOLOGIST Analyses Nadal vs. Djokovic. GRAND SLAM FINAL 2020. Roland Garros 2020. French Open

hey guys so i just finished watching

this incredible final

between rafael nadal and jokovic

actually i don't think it was that

incredible because it was kind of um

easy for nadal but let's discuss how

was nadal able to psychologically

physically tactically overpower djokovic

because last time they were playing

actually djokovic

djokovic beat him but last time they

were playing on the clay nadal

bit djokovic but i don't think it even

makes it it even matters because

they played each other so many times

that they just know each other's game

and they know that both of them are

really tough players but let's look into

this particular

game closer to see what psychological

tools nadal used to

defeat djokovic psychologically and

first thing i wanna

say is that first thing that was really

that i really noticed is um

not djokovic's drop shots but the way

nadal was um

i know treating them kind of so

he was running after every single drop

shot and he you could tell by the look

on his eyes unfortunately i can insert

it here because i'm gonna

receive copyright claims but he

was so determined to receive every to

get every single drop shot

that djokovic was going to make and

djokovic started

doing drop shots the first game because

it was joker's first game was djokovic


and he started doing drop shots right

away because

this is like his thing thing on this

tournament because clay is like really

slow and the weather

is so cold that ball just like doesn't

it doesn't bounce as um as fast as it


does even on the clay and um

he was really determined to get every

single drop shot

and he was trying his best to win every

single drop shot

why i think he was doing that i think um

it was really his his goal and the goal

of his team to do that

because once he wins he this

these points where djokovic drop shots

he is gonna get into djokovic's head and

jokovic is gonna

feel like he is gonna have to step up

his games

his game with the drop shots and he's

gonna try to make it even more

perfect and he's gonna make mistakes

which was which is what

happened already in the second game

he was trying to make drop shots even

better and he was

hitting he hit drop shot once at the net

uh yeah so that's what i said he felt

pressured to step up

his game and the third game is uh

what happened there when the score was


nadal uh double faulted which is not

like what he usually does when the score

is 15

30 on djokovic's serve he usually

is playing really

not really aggressively but usually

players like jokus nadal and federer

when the scores like that they usually

make an ace and he made a double fault

also what i've noticed is that when he

was playing sisyphus

uh he was it was fifth set

fourth set he was not djokovic seemed

like he didn't get tired

he seemed like perfectly fine and it was

like a third game

uh and djokovic was already like


hard and i think it's because he was

like really

nervous i really think that and that

double fault i think he just didn't

he didn't feel like in the zone he

really uh

truly felt like he was out of the

comfort zone and i also think that

psychologically he was in this trap


before nadal his drop shots were really


and he was hitting these big strikes

and um it was working with like other


but with nadal it didn't really work

like with

sisyphus in the first set points were

really short

it was short it was really it was either

a winner

is the winner or he made a mistake or

cecip's made a mistake but with nadal

this is not

really going to fly because nadal is

going to run after every single point

he is going to fight like insane and

yes so it wasn't really working he was

making a lot of

unforced error and in the as i said in

the third game it was 1530 he made

double fold and then he lost that game

so what happened after after that

uh it was fourth game uh he made his


jokovich made his first really

successful drop shot

he still lost the game it was nadal surf

he finished that game with an ace it was

that game was the longest one in this

set it was like

nine minutes nine minutes

djokovic drop shot it there like three


would let me count at least two times at

least two times

it seemed like he was not like he

honestly to me

it seemed like he did not want to make

points really long

he wanted to he wanted to finish it as

as fast as possible

and he didn't really it's not like he

did wouldn't run that sounds funny but

he didn't want to play that game against

nadal where

both of them have to run he really was

trying to drop shot and then

play really high ball over over

nadal's head and it it wasn't really

working most of the times not because of


because his drop shots were bad actually

he won in the first set most drop shots

that he hit he

won but the problem was that

he couldn't drop shot every single time

because you usually

try to drop shot when it's um

really like a convenient ball for you

because drop shot is like a really hard


okay so the score was that's how

basically the first set

was finished like he djokovic didn't

even have

time to blink an eye

before the match before the this set was


and um nadal was really

was really really hungry and i'm gonna

make um

another video on the second and third

set but i what another

thing i really want to discuss in this

video is that

honestly like i saw their

not mindset with how they felt and i


did not see that nadal

was really like motivated to be honest

not in the in the first set and the

first said it's okay like when i was

watching him

playing against sisyphus i saw that he

was walking around

like with this kind of blank blank stare

he didn't really show too many he didn't

really show too many emotions

and maybe that's his baseline behavior

and based like

baseline behavior basically means it's

how a person usually

acts right but he was not

uh and he that's how he was

behaving in the first set he didn't

scream he didn't

show any emotions really

but at the same time it seemed like he

wasn't really fighting

it seemed like he just gave up on this


yeah that's really what it seemed like

oh another

really important thing another really

important thing where is that

uh fourth game i believe it was no it

was a third game

third game djokovic serve

that that is really important basically

the score was 3-0

which is not like too bad like that's


a 3-0 that was like one break point away

one break

just one break point away and

40 love on jokovich serve

and what happens djokovic makes

double fault and it's no big deal

right like when you are up 40 love in

the game and it's your serve that's

totally fine

but honestly nadal was so hungry and

nadal was playing

like it was the most important match of

his life he seemed

so prepared he seemed like he was

prepared for the drop shots usually

nadal is standing like

way behind the baseline and in this

match he was

way closer to the baseline he was

prepared for drop shots

for every single ball that djokovic

could possibly hit

so he he makes the double fault right

and what happens after djokovic makes

one mistake on forced error

djokovic makes another enforced error

and then his use advantage uh use an


and basically the last point um

last point djokovic once again drop


but nadal steam still wins that point

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