Fallout 4: How to find the Railroad (Freedom Trail Location)

so you're doing the main storyline quest

and then I get to this point where you

need to find the freedom trail that lead

to the railroad but it leads you in no

direction it does not tell you where you

need to go so what I'm going to do is

show you guys where the actual location

is on the map of the Commonwealth and

then where you need to go I'm going to

try to make this as simple as possible

first off you want to be at the Park

Street Station or near it or the Swans


anything around there and you're gonna

come across this little area show you

right here on the map and it's gonna be

this little thing for the Freedom Trail

you need this for the molecular level

and the road to freedom so you maybe

have come across those quests but you

did not know where to go and this is

where you need to start there it is on

the map you can kind of see that area of

where it is and then you're gonna be

looking for this little robot pod and

this Sun this is the Freedom Trail now

I'm not gonna actually talk to the tour

bot because you don't really need to I'm

just gonna actually show you where you

need to go first off you're going to see

this little golden little crest or

little symbol and you're gonna see a red

road connecting to it the red bricked

road it's pretty simple you just need to

follow the red bricked road it's gonna

come across all these landmarks of the

Commonwealth from the old Boston City so

you're gonna get some xp for that and

whatnot but uh be careful there are

gonna be little super mutants throughout

here and maybe some ghouls everything

you know so be careful I'm just gonna

run through this and I have it on easy

difficulty for me and I even get hit by

a grenade and break my legs so be

careful going through this I mean it's

not really that hard just don't get

yourself killed if you're just trying to

run straight to the railroad now I'm not

just gonna ramble on for the whole video

and just ignore you guys so I'm just

gonna speed this up and let you guys

follow the road and I'll see you guys at

the very end of it

now when you're finally finished with

following the red bricks row it's going

to lead you to this old church and this

is the headquarters of the railroad

there's gonna be a couple ghouls in

there I just went ahead with like a

chain back and kill it um it's not that

difficult but you're gonna come across

this little like puzzle thing and I did

go ahead and clear out all the enemies

in here so I have to deal with them in

the video but there will be a few of

them in there so just kill go ahead and

kill them and then make your way to the

very end you're gonna see this emblem

again now you're going to be able to

spin this clockwise and counterclockwise

basically what you want to do is to

spell out the word railroad and that is

pretty much it once you're done this

little secret passageway is going to

open up to the headquarters of the

railroad thank you guys so much for

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