Excel 2013 tutorial: Using the Formula bar |

even if you have not yet used form is in

Excel you need to know about an

important aspect of the Excel screen

called the formula bar it's located

below the ribbon and above the column

letters in a worksheet it's right here

it's called the formula bar now in this

worksheet which is already started and

perhaps finished we don't know

necessarily if we use our arrow keys and

position the active cell for example

over one of the entries in row 6 we'll

see that it's a formula if I press the

up arrow and go to cell G 5 we see that

that's simply a value many times when

you're working with Excel either when

you're typing data or simply looking at

a cell you develop the habit of looking

in the formula bar and it's almost an

instinct like the way you look out of

the rear view mirror in your car when

you're driving we do it frequently and

often the key idea here is that when

you're looking at data that maybe you're

not too familiar with you want to know

often is it simply raw data or is it a

formula and so as I press the arrow key

to the right here now that may or may

not be something I'm familiar with but

it certainly is not 16-hundred really

that's actually a formula and the cell

to the right of that that's some kind of

formula as well maybe we haven't seen

that just yet but it too is not too 66.7

really the numbers off to the left the

sales numbers are just pure numbers and

text entries are usually exactly what

you see as you type data as you enter it

you'll be keeping an eye on the formula

bar and as you're exploring worksheets

that you're unfamiliar with you learn to

look at that formula bar frequently it's

always at the top of the screen and it's

a good visual check as to what your

worksheets really contain

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